Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Outdoor shopping for ETL

This holiday season shop for Luminox offers on Sierra Adventure Gears. You can get the Bourne Ultimatum style Luminox with following specs at a very special price. Usually the outdoor gear comes with a lot of shipping charges but thanks to the holiday specials, they are now offering FREE shipping for all orders above $75.

Here is the spec that I liked about Luminox.
Size: 43mm
Case: Fiberglass
Bezel: Aluminum
Dial: Black w/Date
Band: Nylon/Velcro Strap
Movement: Swiss
Submersible: 200M
Illumination: Tritium
Special Features: Mineral Crystal

So get out there for safe adventuring as you know that having the correct gear could mean the difference between having an unforgettable outdoor adventure or experiencing a life-threatening event. With so many years of collective travel experience, the team is fully dedicated and prepared to assist you.

Whether camping in the highest elevations of the Sierras or backpacking through some of the greatest national parks, it is this passion and experience Sierra Adventure Team dedicates to sharing with you that you can get all you outdoor needs here at the one stop shop. Remember that Sierra Adventure Gear carries a large variety of brand names in outdoor gear such as Luminox and Dakota Watches, Maglite, Brunton, SOG, Gerber, Leatherman and Buck Knives at the lowest prices ever,

Informatica with NEC InfoFrame Solution Suite

NEC will offer Informatica’s PowerCenter as part of its NEC InfoFrame information management solution suite. Informatica has also been certified as an NEC alliances partner. Under the terms of the distribution agreement, PowerCenter will be marketed to NEC customers in Japan under the NEC brand and will be supported by an Informatica-dedicated NEC engineering team.

The NEC Alliances Program is comprised of a handful of the leading vendors in the industry. The NEC-Informatica partnership will allow NEC customers to leverage PowerCenter in concert with other components of the InfoFrame Data Coordinator Solution suite, including InfoFrame Documentum and InfoFrame DataBooster both aimed at large-scale data integration projects.

Informatica PowerCenter offers near-universal data integration capabilities and is the only data integration component of the InfoFrame solution suite.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ETL based credit card processing service

What is ETL based credit card processing? Any credit card processing that leverages ETL platform can be categorized in this broad term of Free Payment Gateway. Now merchantacceptance offers $0 license fee and also $0 application and set up along with $0 programming free virtual terminal and direct deposit and online reporting services. This is where the ETL comes into picture. The accurate sales tracking is based on the strong ETL and datawarehouse platform it is based on. Customers can get free online shopping cart and also good news for AdWords customer who get free Google Adwords credit with free search engine submission to boost your sales through SEO. Most importantly they have been the pioneers in providing free customer service support with free payment gateway and free business software.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Whether to go for EAI or ETL

Factors for consideration in the decision include:
1. Costs of run-time processing and development.
2. Proprietary nature of source or target systems. A situation where the source system can only be accessed via screen scrapping because the file layouts and key structures are part of package and source is not available. In such cases neither ETL nor EAI will work and a solution might have to be developed on case to case basis.
3. The state of data and load-time window available to migrate data from source to target and vice versa which needs real-time movement of data.
4. Complexity and mapping of source and target systems by data elements and data quality in each system.
5. Skills of staff relative to EAI and ETL tools.

Friday, September 19, 2008

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SCD 1 implementation in Datastage

Type 1 Slowly Changing Dimension data warehouse architecture applies when no history is kept in the database. The new, changed data simply overwrites old entries. This approach is used quite often with data which change over the time and it is caused by correcting data quality errors (misspells, data consolidations, trimming spaces, language specific characters). Type 1 SCD is easy to maintain and used mainly when losing the ability to track the old history is not an issue.

SCD 1 implementation in Datastage
The job described and depicted below shows how to implement SCD Type 1 in Datastage. It is one of many possible designs which can implement this dimension. The example is based on the customers load into a data warehouse.

Datastage SCD1 job design
The most important facts and stages of the CUST_SCD2 job processing:
There is a hashed file (Hash_NewCust) which handles a lookup of the new data coming from the text file.
A T001_Lookups transformer does a lookup into a hashed file and maps new and old values to separate columns. A T002 transformer updates old values with new ones without concerning about the overwritten data. SCD1 Transformer update old entries The database is updated in a target ODBC stage (with the 'update existing rows' update action)

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Steps for generation of a SAS business datawarehouse

Please also be aware of the fact that SAS is very powerful and flexible system and the steps below can be done in many different ways. It is just one way to get the expected results.

- First step will be to read dimensions and populate sample dimensions data
- Then a fact table will be created.
- In the next step we will randomly generate transactions for the fact table with sales data for three years. To generate the numbers we will use SAS random number generators with uniform and random distributions.
- The final tasks will be to validate and extract generated data and feed the reporting application.

Talk Reviews for African ETL

Now there is an easy way to write a website review for your African ETL work. I have never seen a site dedicated to reviews for any country specific ETL work. There are tons of top South African websites that are reviewed by fellow bloggers and give a deep insight on the strategies in ETL world and keep you on the top of the world in technology forefront. Good or bad, pleased or unpleased, happy or dissatisfied with service, come share your ETL experience with others working in African ETL field. So stop staring and start sharing at TalkReviews.com

Pentaho Data Integration - Kettle ETL tool

Kettle (K.E.T.T.L.E - Kettle ETTL Environment) has been recently aquired by the Pentaho group and renamed to Pentaho Data Integration. Kettle is a leading open source ETL application on the market. It is classified as an ETL tool, however the concept of classic ETL process (extract, transform, load) has been slightly modified in Kettle as it is composed of four elements, ETTL, which stands for:

Data extraction from source databases
Transport of the data
Data transformation
Loading of data into a data warehouse

Kettle is a set of tools and applications which allows data manipulations across multiple sources.
The main components of Pentaho Data Integration are:
Spoon - a graphical tool which make the design of an ETTL process transformations easy to create. It performs the typical data flow functions like reading, validating, refining, transforming, writing data to a variety of different data sources and destinations. Tranformations designed in Spoon can be run with Kettle Pan and Kitchen.
Pan - is an application dedicated to run data transformations designed in Spoon.
Chef - a tool to create jobs which automate the database update process in a complex way
Kitchen - it's an application which helps execute the jobs in a batch mode, usually using a schedule which makes it easy to start and control the ETL processing
Carte - a web server which allows remote monitoring of the running Pentaho Data Integration ETL processes through a web browser.

Just talk reviews on talkreviews.com

Website Reviews are an essential element for perfect shopping experience. Especially when you are purchasing something online there is no way you can put complete trust in any site unless you hear real testimonials from other customers who have bought the same product and share their complete experience. Now talkreviews.com just talks about reviews and allows users to share their views through the online site review form. For example when I travel to NJ and want to stay at Doubletree Hotel Jersey City, I can easily get detail stats about it and also in several countries Hilton operates its Top Websites. Its a value add for giving a rich internet shopping experience.

Basics of Data Integration

The ETL process is also very often referred to as Data Integration process and ETL tool as a Data Integration platform. The terms closely related to and managed by ETL processes are: data migration, data management, data cleansing, data synchronization and data consolidation. The main goal of maintaining an ETL process in an organization is to migrate and transform data from the source OLTP systems to feed a data warehouse and form data marts. At present the most popular and widely used ETL tools and applications on the market are:

*IBM Websphere DataStage (Formerly known as Ascential DataStage and Ardent DataStage)
*Informatica PowerCenter
*Oracle Warehouse Builder
*Ab Initio
*Pentaho Data Integration - Kettle Project (open source ETL)
*SAS ETL studio
*Cognos Decisionstream
*Business Objects Data Integrator (BODI)
*Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Monday, September 15, 2008

FREE cell phones for ETL developers

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Benefits of Jitterbit Integration Solution

Jitterbit Integration Solution is the Leading Open Source Integration Platform that combines intuitive integration design with robust functionality and scalable performance. Jitterbit is designed to handle the most complex integration challenges between legacy, enterprise and On-Demand applications, including Business Process Fusion, ETL, SaaS, and SOA. The Jitterbit Solution enables organizations to unite their independent applications and data in record time and for the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Rapid Results:
Start integrating in minutes!
Graphical drag-n-drop mapping without custom code
100% standards-based communication
Out-of-the-box connections for major enterprise applications, all major databases, flat-files, Web Services, and messaging systems
Pre-built integrations (Jitterpaks) available at the Trading Post

Robust & Scalable
Multi-threaded architecture
Optimized for Windows, Linux and Solaris
Advanced caching for improved performance

Easy Integration Management:
Complete visibility into transactions
Schedule processes and automate success/failure operations
Proactive alerting of data and connectivity errors
Role-based access privileges

Cost Effective:
No software licenses
No appliance hardware to buy
Low annual support subscription pricing
Up to 90% lower operating costs vs. proprietary alternatives

Instantly connect with Asian ETL developers

Majority of ETL developers are Asian Singles and some ETL blogs help with matching for someone like you. All you need to do is signup on asianmatching.com and instantly connect to thousands of Asian ETL developers. Even this is helpful for HR guys. The website has many features that other dating sites do not have. Joining only takes a minute. Joining the community will allow you to better match you with other members although you can search without becoming a member.

Is cloud computing an integrated ETL function ?

Cloud computing does nothing to solve tricky data integration problems that companies may be wrestling with. Cloud-based systems do not do the hard integration work - that's still up to the enterprise. If an organization chooses Salesforce.com CRM on demand instead of SAP or Oracle CRM deployed within their firewall, does anything really change? Yes, there's no doubt that there are potential benefits as far as getting CRM up and running goes, but then what? In the enterprises I've worked with, the bulk of the projects were not about implementing some new vendor package. Some of that was always occurring, but there was plenty more that was about integration, enhancements, and other development activities.

Black Women with ETL background

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Coming Soon: Open Source ETL Conversion Tool

Last count their are about a dozen ETL vendors in the market. This includes Informatica, IBM, Talend, Apatar, Ab Initio, Expressor-Software, Business Objects/SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cognos/IBM, Pentaho (Kettle), SAS, Enhydra Octopus and probably more that I'm missing. The challenge? Nothing that you do in each one of these products is portable to migrate to another ETL tool. I can see why this is the case. It's about lock-in. Once you build an integration using an ETL tool, depending on the complexity, it is very difficult to swap out one for another. This certainly keeps the prices up in the proprietary vendor community. ASP's in this space are probably around 200K or more. For all the years that these products have been in the market, its amazing that nothing has been pursued to produce an ETL process standard like what has been in with BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). I guess my entrepreneurial instincts lean towards thoughts of creating an open source ETL Conversion tool for the market. Although very difficult to build, thus a barrier to entry, I suppose that building it as an open source solution might be the best approach. No one really owns it and it would benefit customers as they will have an option to jump out of one ETL product to another without feeling locked in forever.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Black Chat Room is here now

As I was looking back at the Black Chat Room widgets for ETL blogs, it struck on me some memories of some of the oldest form of true chat rooms are the text-based variety. I remember some black chat rooms were around as back as 1990 using a prototype of the text-only chat room. The most popular of this kind was Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and I think blackchatcity.com also had one of its IRC at some time in the past. The popularity of these kinds of chat rooms has waned over the years, and IRC's popularity has rapidly given way to instant messaging. Also a notable number of people were introduced to chat rooms from blackchatcity.com and web chat sites. Now the chat technology provided by blackchatcity.com is more advanced with video and audio and real time anonymous chat for your ETL blog. This is all FREE of charge, so go ahead and install it on your ETL blog.

SQLIO Predeployment and Optimization Best Practices

• SQLIO is generally not a CPU-intensive process. However, you should monitor during the run to ensure that there are no CPU bottlenecks, which would skew the results.

• Larger I/O sizes normally result in slightly higher latencies.

• For random I/O, focus on number of I/Os per second and latency. For sequential I/Os, focus mainly on throughput (MB/s) and latency.

• Ideally, you should see some increase in your throughput as you increase the number of volumes being tested at the same time. This is dependent on the underlying storage design and specifically impacted by any spindle sharing between LUNs. You may also see increased total throughput as the size of the I/O is increased. This is, however, dependent on the specifics of your particular configuration.

• When you no longer see increased throughput when increasing the number of outstanding I/Os you probably have saturated the disk, the bandwidth of the channel, or do not have the HBA queue depth setting high enough.

• Save all of the test results. It can be helpful to share the results from your SQLIO tests with your storage vendor since the vendor has detailed knowledge about how the equipment should perform for different I/O types, RAID levels, and so on. This data will also be valuable if troubleshooting I/O problems in the future.

• If you have multiple HBAs or multipathing software in use on the host, ensure that both paths are functionally working and, ideally, that the cumulative bandwidth of the HBAs can be exhausted. One test approach to exhaust bandwidth resources between the host and storage is to use very small test files (100 MB) for SQLIO so that they reside in the cache of the storage array (that is, 100 MB). Sequential I/O issued against these small test file(s) should saturate the bandwidth of the paths and allow one to determine if there are any issues related to bandwidth. When running a test such as this, look at the cumulative MB/s attainable and related this number to the number and bandwidth of HBAs. Ideally, you should be able to almost completely saturate the cumulative bandwidth of the number of HBAs in the host.

• If test results vary wildly, check to determine if you are sharing spindles with others on the array.

• Monitoring at host and on the array during tests is ideal for complete analysis. This provides more insight into actual limiting hardware resource (disk, fiber channel (FC) ports, service processors, and so on). Monitoring strategies using System Monitor are discussed in the next section.

Goth Chat on your ETL blog

Goth Chat represents the communication on your ETL blog using a style of rock music that often evokes bleak, lugubrious imagery. Goth people are performers or followers of this style of music or using chat romance concerning a union of two of the major influences in the development of European culture, the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribes that invaded it. Essentially this is your portal to the darkest corners of the Web like the Dark Knight says that the darkest hour is before the dawn so go ahead and talk with fellow Goth people by embedding a Goth chat on your ETL blog.

Strategies to optimize SQL Server cube and measure group design

• Define cascading attribute relationships (for example Day > Month > Quarter > Year) and define user hierarchies of related attributes (called natural hierarchies) within each dimension as appropriate for your data. Attributes participating in natural hierarchies are materialized on disk in hierarchy stores and are automatically considered to be aggregation candidates. User hierarchies are not considered to be natural hierarchies unless the attributes comprising the levels are related through cascading attribute relationships.

• Remove redundant relationships between attributes to assist the query execution engine in generating the appropriate query plan. Attributes need to have either a direct or an indirect relationship to the key attribute, not both.

• Keep cube space as small as possible by only including measure groups that are needed.

• Place measures that are queried together in the same measure group. A query that retrieves measures from multiple measure groups requires multiple storage engine operations. Consider placing large sets of measures that are not queried together into separate measure groups to optimize cache usage, but do not explode the number of measure groups.

• Minimize the use of large parent-child hierarchies. In parent-child hierarchies, aggregations are created only for the key attribute and the top attribute (for example, the All attribute) unless it is disabled. As a result, queries returning cells at intermediate levels are calculated at query time and can be slow for large parent-child dimensions. If you are in a design scenario with a large parent-child hierarchy (more than 250,000 members), you may want to consider altering the source schema to reorganize part or all of the hierarchy into a user hierarchy with a fixed number of levels.

• Optimize many-to-many dimension performance, if used. When you query the data measure group by the many-to-many dimension, a run-time “join” is performed between the data measure group and the intermediate measure group using the granularity attributes of each dimension that the measure groups have in common. Where possible, reduce the size of the intermediate fact table underlying the intermediate measure group. To optimize the run-time join, review the aggregation design for the intermediate measure group to verify that aggregations include attributes from the many-to-many dimension.

Free BBW Chat for ETL Bloggers

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SAN usage guidelines for ETL

You can have multiple copies of the same database on different servers at same time. This will allow you to do “mix and match” configurations by having EMC re-map volumes from one server to another. It may sound like a rare luxury to have that amount of storage available. Here are some of the SAN experiences and guidelines:

Establish a usage pattern for your storage volumes that lets you and your SAN expert predict what will be needed.

Follow a naming convention that gives each volume a name indicating what it is for.

Volume names should be unique over all machines.

Mount the volumes on NTFS folders that follow the same naming convention.

Keep in communication with your SAN expert about the usage patterns for your storage.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Vampire Chat for ETL Bloggers

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ETL Performance world record with SQL Server 2008

Here is a world record that must go into guiness book of world records for ETL tools that was demostrated by the Microsoft Team at Seattle. SQL Server 2008 can now handle more than one terabyte of data parsed from flat files, transferred over the network and loaded into the destination database in less than 30 minutes, a world record beating all previously published results using an ETL tool. That is a rate in excess of 2 TB per hour (650+ MB/second). To be precise, 1.18TB of flat file data can be loaded in 1794 seconds. This is equivalent to 1.00TB in 25 minutes 20 seconds or 2.36TB per hour. Multiple competitors have published results based on TPC-H data. Informatica has the fastest time previously reported, loading 1 TB in over 45 minutes. SSIS has now beaten that time by more than 15 minutes.

Jewish Chat for ETL Bloggers

If you are running a Jewish Blog and are ETL developer like me, then you would love the Jewish Chat from Jewish Chat City. You can talk with jewish users all day or all night long in the free chats for jewish people. You will love talking with religious webcam users who want to talk about judiasm in the free jewish chat that has webcams that work in our free jewish chat lines. Not only religious things to chat here, you can also discuss ETL questions and designs and also embed the chat as HTML on your blog so your visitors can communicate right from your ETL blog.

Requirements for Spatial ETL tools

Spatial ETL tools should have the following characteristics:

1. Common Spatial Reference System or Coordinate Reference System Names and Descriptions

2. Coordinate System (and CRS related object) dictionaries. Stuff like the EPSG dictionary.

3. Datum shift lists (towgs84), and datum grid shift files (NTv1, etc).

4. Transformations, calculations, and algorithms written in pseudocode that can be edited in different languages.

5.Descriptions of spatial reference systems that can be used by developers in different programming languages.

6. Notes on transformation from different representations of a CRS (WKT, PROJ.4, GCTP, GML,...).

7. Test suites with test points in a variety of coordinate systems and their lat/long and WGS84 equivelents).

8. Articles on spatial reference systems and translations useful for programmers interested in spatial reference system implementations. For example: Understanding The Difference Between National Vertical Datum of 1929 and the North American Datum of 1988

Search public records by email

Now you can search public records by email. This service is offered by localpublicrecords.org and is a convenient search to verify the employment. You can search for the domain and email address by the employer domain that you want to search. It is also reliable since they get most upto date records from the most current public databases in the US. If your target has moved from one state to another you can even track that activity by the state specific search on the website.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mission statements for an integrated EDW

Detailed textual descriptions of entities such as customers, products, locations and calendars to be applied uniformly across subject areas, using standardized data values. This is a fundamental tenet of MDM.

Aggregated groupings such as types, categories, flavors, colors and zones defined within entities to have the same interpretations across subject areas. This can be viewed as a higher-level requirement on the textual descriptions.

That constraints posed by business intelligence (BI) applications, which attempt to harvest the value of consistent text descriptions and groupings, be applied with identical application logic across subject areas. For instance, constraining on a product category should always be driven from a field named Category found in the Product dimension.

That numeric facts are represented consistently across subject areas so that it makes sense to combine them in computations and compare them to each other, perhaps with ratios or differences. For example, if Revenue is a numeric fact reported from multiple subject areas, then the definitions of each of these revenue instances must be the same.

That international differences in languages, location descriptions, time zones, currencies and business rules be resolved to allow all of the previous consistency requirements to be achieved.

That auditing, compliance, authentication and authorization functions be applied in the same way across subject areas.

Coordination with industry standards for data content, data exchange and reporting, where those standards impact the enterprise. Typical standards include ACORD (insurance), MISMO (mortgages), SWIFT and NACHA (financial services), HIPAA and HL7 (health care), RosettaNet (manufacturing) and EDI (procurement).

Privacy with the public records searches

The best thing I found about public records search such as publicrecordsdb.org is that none of your personal data is collected on this site and Public Records Database will not ask you to provide any personal details, passwords or credit card information. As the publicrecordsdb.org site uses several resources you may be asked for this information by another website and you should read their privacy policy if you are concerned about the use of your personal information. If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to search public records online, whether on a local or nationwide level you should try out publicrecordsdb.org without worrying about any privacy loss.

The new Japersoft ETL suite with NetBeans

Jaspersoft Corporation announced the full-production availability of Jaspersoft’s iReport for NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which has been certified for NetBeans 6.0 and 6.1 and supports the new beta version 6.5.

In addition, Jaspersoft announced that Jasper for MySQL, the MySQL OEM edition of the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite, was upgraded to version 3 (v3).

iReport is the graphical report and dashboard design tool for JasperReports, a popular open source reporting product. iReport has been available in Beta since December as a native NetBeans plug-in. iReport developers deploy their reports with JasperServer, which includes a secure repository, dashboards, scheduling and ad hoc reporting.

The new Jasper for MySQL Version 3 incorporates all of the new features and functions in Jaspersoft announced earlier this summer and is specifically certified and packaged for Sun's MySQLdatabase.

Pre-requisite to ETL consulting hire

More and more of the ETL consulting firms have started using public records search before hiring their top notch consultants. Complete Public Records (CPR) is so far the most comprehensive database of free public records. ETL firms can search the largest public records search database on the World Wide Web. CPR has compiled the most useful and direct links to US public records, state public records.ETL firms can browse Public Records resources to research marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, business information, property records, court and criminal public records, links to employment searches, unemployment benefits, etc. The definite Know-how before your hire your key resources.

Have you done ETL reconcilation?

The reconciliation is critical. If you do not reconcile, you have no way of knowing if the ETL process completed successfully and the business users rarely have any way of performing their own reconciliation. This means they may be dealing with old data (they may assume it is current) and the data may be incomplete. These users will produce incorrect results and when the cause is determined, they will point to you. You should be looking at tie-outs which include certification of the number of rows loaded and verification of numbers within the database. Tie-outs are standard features of the ETL tools but they have to be turned on and someone has to verify the results and this must be done each time the ETL process is complete.

Ringtones for the ETL bloggers

Kanye West Homecoming Ringtone is one stop shop to get Kanye West ringtones for your mobile phone. The site is in dedication to Kanye Omari West (pronounced /ˈkɑnjɛj/) (born June 8, 1977 Atlanta, Georgia) who is an American record producer and is a multiple Grammy Award-winning rapper and singer who rose to fame in the mid 2000s. The best feature is Listen Then Download so you dont spend unnecessary downloads on your phone cutting your data plan down the drains. I hope you will enjoy all the Kanye West Ringtones and found the one you were looking for downloading to your cell phone or your ETL blog.

Factors for deciding best ETL Estimation Strategy

You might have heard many requests like -I need to prepare an estimation effort for our ETL process. Is it right to calculate the effort only based number of sources, targets and transformations? If it is not only based on above criteria what are the other criteria which we need to follow during estimation effort preparation? Also let me know the percentage of complexity level and data quality issues need to be taken into account.

So now here I post sample ETL estimation effort gudelines for reference.

How well documented are the source files?
How knowledgeable are the ETL developers with the source data?
How clean does the data need to be? We often find that some data does not have the same data quality requirements.
How knowledgeable are the ETL developers with the ETL tool?
Will the ETL developers be assigned full time to the project?
How well is the project being managed?
How much data has to go through the ETL process? Very large amounts of data result in challenges (read problems) that take time and effort to correct.

What is the skill level of the programming resources?
Availability of resources (how many other projects are they working on, other time off for sickness and vacations)?
Who is doing the testing?
Who is writing the test cases?
How well were the test cases written?
How well were the requirements written?
If the scope is changing yet?
What is the level of data quality?
What is the level of understanding of the data?
My suggestion is to perform some research before providing estimates. This can be done by:

Reviewing how the data will be used,
As well as reviewing the data in the data sources by writing queries and manually looking at the data, and
Performing some simple pseudo coding of the solution first.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Know whom you are dealing with

Ever wanted to lookup online Criminal Court Records ? Last time I met with an accident with another person, I wanted to do a check on his background. I didnt have an easy way to find out the other persons court records to prove that his side of the story was wrong. Luckily I found this site courtrecordssearch.net from where it was easy to access any court record or court documents. Thank goodness for him that I did not find anything wrong with the other person. But I love to use this site to check on any person's records before conducting any bussiness with. You never know whom you are dealing with!

PPP are you listening

I was really excited about PPP as it really pulled us out of a hole, living on a fixed income. I have 3 blogs and they are hardly doing anything now at all so I have to look elsewhere to make some money for things like food. PPP said they passed the 100,000 posties point just awhile back but if there was some way to track them, I bet it is way down now as we just aren't getting any posts. What's the solution? There doesn't seem to be many new posts at all and one $5 post in 4 days won't buy the bread and milk. Apparently, all the posts are going to those with high Real Ranks and the rest of us are left out in the cold. Does anyone out there feel this way too?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enlightenment for tactical professionals

Surefire x300 is the sure way to lit the fire.. I mean light the LED using a WeaponLight that just about does it all. The best tactical flash with an extremely bright LED—over five times brighter than a typical two-D-cell flashlight. This has has enough power to reach into the night or temporarily blind an aggressor giving a touch combat. Yet its beam offers enough peripheral vision that you’re not suddenly surprised by what it may uncover—an unfortunate cause of too many accidental shootings. Now it comes with a limited time special offer - Each X300 light will come with a mail-in coupon to 5.11 tactical for a FREE 5.11 Loose Crew shirt with a nice colored pictured graphics on it. Its a cool way to get free batteries and free shipping along with this great free shirt offer.

My MAC woes

I bought a MacBook, MacBook Air, and a Mac Pro. The Mac Pro froze half an hour ago, and I have no idea how to revive it. I was in mid-sentence in Firefox when it stopped working. It had installed some software updates a few minutes earlier. I got the “Force Quit” box up on screen, but it was non-functional. The Apple menu wouldn’t show its drop-down menu. Feeling helpless, I powered the system down. It rebooted to its frozen state. I have Skype onscreen. The control red, yellow, and green control lights look active when I run the cursor over them but I can’t click them. I have the Force Quit box on screen again. Skype is selected. Clicking “Force Quit” does nothing. The Mac Pro has become a big paperweight.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Loan for ETL sales

Do you run an ETL factory and need some cash inflow ? The best alternative of a business cash advance is a business loan. Essentially it's a loan against your future credit card sales. the strategy of future credit card sales is also known as merchant cash advance. If a company accepts credit cards, they give them money, and take a little out of each of their following credit card transaction for the next several months till it's paid up just like you are receiving cash in exchange for the purchase of a small portion of your future Visa- and MasterCard- receipts. There is no credit check, and the funds are available within 72 hours. This is really great for businesses that can't get a traditional loan. Also there is No credit check and they offer a secure online application. If you are a new startup for ETL factory like me, then you should seriously consider this option given that you dont get an easy venture capital funding for ETL projects. The last time I did this I was able to get this as tax deductible for my budgeting purpose. Now businesses can get a loan from $5000 up to $1 million dollars. These guys are so confident they have the most aggressive program in the marketplace that they will even pay you upto $250.00 to match any competitive offer. Be rest assured with their full disclosure of all fees and terms and that is usually a peacemaker while making a business decision for a Business Cash Advance. Since no financials are required their approval rate is at a high 95%. I also like the fact that this does not show as a debt on my credit report and is real easier on my daily cash flow. Also on their website you will find enough material on some recent business cash advances that they have funded, and what you need to qualify for a business cash advance. I also was amazed to read the testimonials from other fellow customers and how they like the services and the cash advance programs as advertised.

Need a Turbo tax promo code to file back taxes

If you need a Turbotax promotion code PF (personal financers) are currently able to offer, for a limited time, the FREE edition of TurboTax basic through their website. Compare for yourself: other turbo tax promo code offers only a state discount but the current promotion code covers not only state discounts but also the free edition of TurboTax, which can be used when filing your federal taxes.

TurboTax is the industry leader in do-it-yourself tax software and the authorized promo codes they make available for select partners make their service even more accessible to both early and late filers. By following the link on the site free edition of turbotax will be credited upon checkout as the promotion code will be directly applied to your order.

AS you know most of the turbotax promo code won't do you any good if you're filing past the deadline. From what I know is that if you need to file for a tax extension they have a link to take you to the IRS form accordingly. (irs.gov / PDF file) If anyone knows of a better promo code for filing back taxes, do post it here or email me through my blog.

Looking for Home theater deals from BestBuy

Now its that time of the year to start looking for the deals and save money when shopping this Christmas by buying items during Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. This year the home theater is on my hot list and I will be keeping eyes wide open on blackfriday.com to hunt for the best home theater deals from BestBuy. Last year I saved a lot of money online without the hassle of having to stand in line at the store at 5am. I purchased a cool GPS after seeing these bestbuy deals as they sent me an email alert 30 days in advance, so I was well prepared for what I want and set the limit on how much I spend. I think the email alerts is a real cool way to let you know when new black friday ads have been posted. They have made the site a consumer friendly one and so it is useful for planning your holiday shopping to the fullest. You never run the risk of shopping with the flow since you know in advance what you need and what you gonna get for your budget.

Recently they have started offering online coupons on the site and the BF site has become my one stop source for a list of all the money saving coupon codes and other great deals from across the web. They have an extensive list of stores to pick from along with a category listing. The best part of BF site is that they add new coupons daily and the latest coupons are listed in the order it was posted. I strongly encourage you all online shoppers to bookmark the BF page and be sure to visit before shopping online. I am sure you will save at least a few hundred bucks if you plan you shopping carefully and at least a month in advance like I had done last year. Wish you good luck for the BF shopping and do let me know by commenting on this post if you find any exciting BF deals for Home theater.

Informatica PowerCenter 8 Scalability on HP Grid on Linux

Maintaining adequate performance and scalability in the face of increasing workload has been the persistent roadblock to realizing the economic benefits of grid computing. Informatica Corporation has developed a viable performance and scalability alternative that allows IT organizations to realize the benefits while honoring their data service level agreements to the business. In May 2006, Informatica introduced the Enterprise Grid Option as part of the release of Informatica PowerCenter 8. PowerCenter is a single, unified enterprise data integration platform that allows companies and government organizations of all sizes to access, discover, and integrate data from virtually any business system, in any format, and deliver that data throughout the enterprise at any speed. Also read the white paper from techrepublic.com for more information on this topic.

Debt relief beyond your ETL job

You have heard several times on the radio about the get out of debt programs and the various ways they try to entice you into debt relief strategies. From a reaseach study, it has shown that one out of every 100 american is under some kind of debt or the other. I am not trying to scare anyone by providing statistics, but anyways it is always helpful to know all you want to know about Freedom Debt Relief programs and how to avoid debt.

Among the various programs offered, Freedomdebtrelief.com differs and stands out of the lot. Not because of their guarantee to make you debt free in as little as 12-36 months, but due to the different innovative options they provide to give you a better alternative to bankruptcy, debt consolidation or credit counseling. My favorite is the lowering debts down to as low as 50% of what you owe! Ofcourse it is backed by their service fee money back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose. They provide with one single Simple Monthly Payment option to help you avoid keeping track of the various lenders you have been owing debt. I learned all this on Freedomdebtrelief.com and I am sure they can help you find financial freedom you desire. Just get started with a free 10 minute consultation and call Freedomdebtrelief.com toll-free at 1-800-544-7211 anytime between 6:30am and 7:30pm PT.

MDM is not a product!

Rob Karel, Forrester Research, Inc. (FORR), wrote an interesting year-end review of his 2007 Master Data Management (MDM) forecasts in the Forrester Information Management blog on December 26th. Rob hits on a few themes that I am constantly discussing with clients and colleagues:
“While all of the product development, marketing, and M&A activity coming from the MDM vendors is interesting and entertaining, the most valuable and insightful information about the evolution of the MDM market comes from the Forrester customers I speak to every day. Unlike my coverage of more mature data integration technologies like ETL where vendor selection is the most common question asked, I rarely field questions about MDM vendor selection. Regarding MDM, these customers are more concerned about data governance, organizational readiness, architectural strategy, business case development, prioritization, and the biggie — do we really need to worry about MDM? If so, why?
What does it all mean? I'm happy to report that it means you are asking the right questions at the right time. …be sure your organization is prepared to deal with the cross-functional and technical complexities of adopting a master data management strategy….”

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good news for country music fans

I always have the country music playing in my car. Most often I use my iPhone shazam application to download and purchase the country music song or even watch it for FREE on the youtube. While surfing the results on iPhone, I recently came across a site for Country Music Lyrics.
They have every growing data base of Country lyrics for your viewing pleasure. On the site they also have compiled a list of favorite lyrics consisting of songs from favorite old school Country Artists to the freshest and newest released Country Artists giving you ton of information on Country Music News. I recommend visiting this site even if you dont have an iPhone!

OWB turns five this year

By all accounts, the first release of OWB was underwhelming. That’s a characterization even Oracle officials are comfortable with. Oracle prides itself on its tradition of technology innovation—was actually second to market with integrated ETL: Microsoft kicked off the trend when it incorporated both ETL and OLAP features into its SQL Server 7.0 database, which shipped in 1998. Prior to delivering the first version of OWB in 2000, Oracle OEM-ed a series of data-mart suites powered by ETL technology from the former Sagent.

“Early releases of the product, to be honest, probably weren’t what a lot of customers were hoping for,” says Paul Narth, a senior group manager with Oracle who heads up the OWB 10g R2 (“Paris”) product effort.
“So they might have had exposure to it in the beginning, and many of them might have written it off. We’re finding that with recent releases, [customers] have started to come around. If they were exposed to it in the early days but haven’t checked it out since then, they owe it to themselves to give it another look.”

OWB’s biggest selling point—aside from its unparalleled performance on the Oracle 10g database, of course—is probably its price:
1. OWB ships with Oracle’s Developer Suite, which retails for a flat $5,000 per named developer.

2. A version of OWB is also bundled with Oracle Business Intelligence, a flavor of the Oracle Application Server that’s optimized for BI.

3. Oracle doesn’t layer any processor or user-licensing restrictions on top of this flat fee, Narth claims—although there is an extra charge for connectivity into non-

4.Oracle data sources, which include IBM DB2 UDB (as well as DB2 on the mainframe), Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle’s ERP stack, PeopleSoft’s ERP stack, and—of course—SAP.

5. Has connectivity into non-Oracle data sources, Narth claims, OWB is a much more affordable option than the best-of-breed ETL tools.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Deal or Dud Eyeglasses?

An online prescription eyeglasses Web site claims it can have you seeing 20-20 for about $20 or even Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses. Zenni Optical offers a wide range of frame styles, using a prescription filled by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Are its products are a Deal or a Dud ?

Look for yourselves. The answer lies in here when Zenni Optical was on FOX news! and the site has uncovered that this is no joke but a serious mirror cracking deal. You can get Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni at very low prices guaranteed and also free shipping I believe. Check it out soon.

where to buy 5.11 Tactical pants?

5.11 Tactical pants are the choice of federal, state and local law enforcement for over 20 years. You can't go wrong with 5.11 Tactical Pants!

Now you can get Free shipping BOTH WAYS on 5.11 Tactical! They have the largest In Stock Inventory. Most 511 Pants orders ship within 24 hrs and provide the most reliable Customer Service.

You can also rnter your cell number to receive text message coupons or specials not available anywhere else!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Free NFL picks

The NFL season is approaching around the corner and as you know it the NFL is probably one of the most watched sports on television all across the country!

With more and more sites offering free NFL picks and addict sports, you can never really know which ones to go to for and which ones are accurate.

You have 2 broad choices that I'm sure will help you to pick that "Super" team this year.

1 - Go to a free website for college football picks and use other people's opinions to guide your decisions
2 - Go and pay a yearly fee to gain access to some unique content from daily writers.

If I am a no brainer I would go for option 1 for football picks

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Beautiful Stylish New Frames From Zenni Optical

If you are looking for an alternative to the expensive glasses from Sears optical, then you have come to the right place. You can now get all kinds of stylish glasses and frames for the very low cost at zennioptical.com. This web site now sells stylish Prescription Glasses Online. You will find huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted suglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. The Secret to Zenni’s Low Prices
is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget.

Friday, July 4, 2008

LifeLock Identity Theft solutions for Breaches Data that is 2008 record high

To date, the 2008 Breach Stats Report indicates the following: 17.0% government/military agencies, 21.3% from educational institutions, 36.8% from general businesses, 14.9% from health care facilities / companies, and 10% from banking / credit / financial services entities.

More companies are revealing that they have had a data breach, either due to laws or public pressure. Either two things are happening - the criminal population is stealing more data from companies AND that we are hearing more about the breaches. LifeLock has been tracking breaches since for a while now. One thing we absolutely can say is that this is NOT a new problem.

Question: Are all breaches alike?
No. According to Life Lock, security breaches can be broken down into a number of categories. What they have in common is that they contained personal identifying information in a format easily read by thieves, in other words, not encrypted.

Lost or stolen laptops, computers or other computer storage devices
Backup tapes lost in transit because they were not sent either electronically or with a human escort Hackers breaking into systems
Employees stealing information or allowing access to information
Information bought by a fake business
Poor business practices- for example sending postcards with Social Security numbers on them
Internal security failures
Viruses, Trojan Horses and computer security loopholes
Info tossed into dumpsters - improper disposition of information

Stay tuned at LifeLock Identity Theft resource center for regular updates on their blog as this list is updated.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jeremiah 31:10 - Hear the word of the Lord O nations; proclaim it in distant coastlands... NIV

Living Passages works in tandem with nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations who specializes in Christ centered projects and events. The events are either conferences on board privately chartered Christian Cruise or events that provide soft adventure and missions services to His people around the world. We partner with organizations to help them attain their own goals. We use travel as a vehicle to further HIS Kingdom. Frequently they partner media companies, conference organizers and ministries on these Bible Cruises. If you want to make a difference with your gifts we would love to hear from you. I Corinthians. 12:7-11

Authentic sailing adventure on a privately chartered luxury yacht that holds 170 believers! Bible teachings on board and on shore Teachings in amazing settings - including the amphitheatre where the Apostle Paul spoke. Visit the Bible ports of Athens, Patmos, Ephesus and Pergamum. Full day visit to the most beautiful island in the world - Santorini.

Depart the USA for the Christian Cruises.

July 19

Arrive Athens, tour Mars Hill and receive a special private teaching then up to the Parthenon and more. Transfer to ship for our welcome celebration as we sail out of the harbor on the most beautiful ship sailing the seas!

July 20

Day at sea for fellowship and teachings.

July 21

Arrive Dikili with a visit to the ruins of Pergamum. Pergamum is one of the two best preserved church sites. This amazing site overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Not many cruises visit this historic site! This afternoon take a stroll down the beautiful beaches, or you can take in another church site.

July 22

Visit Kusadasi beaches with a visit to Ephesus. We will enjoy a teaching in the actual amphitheatre where Paul spoke to the Ephesians. We will see the most fully laid out Roman city that has been excavated. This is believed to be the best kept archeological site in the Mediterranean.

July 23

Visit the island of Patmos and John’s cave today. This is a quaint Greek Island where after our teaching at the cave, you can enjoy a stroll around the island, bicycle trip or even a scooter ride!

July 24

Full day visit to Santorini. The island widely thought to be the home of the Lost City of Atlantis. This island is also considered the most beautiful island in the world. You can visit the caldera and enjoy the thermal pools, bicycle, visit the Pompeii of the Greek Islands - Akritori. Quaint whitewashed homes, amazing shopping and never ending beaches is what you will encounter today.

July 25

Greek island of Sifnos this morning (beaches, BBQ and fun!) We will have an amazing beachfront teaching under shade but with tremendous views. You can take off scootering or bicycling around this quaint island overlooking the beautiful sea. We leave quite late this evening so there is plenty of time to enjoy a day on the Mediterranean Sea plus the island's amazing restaurants, shops, walks and sightseeing. It will be a day of rest for sure.

July 26

Arrive back in Athens this morning. This afternoon you will fly home or to off to the beautiful island of Malta for our extension with the BASE Institute.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Police Gear to live by

The Luminox Navy SEAL Watch began as an American success story and is evolving into a global brand. As has been said many times, “necessity is the mother of invention” and the Luminox story is a classic example. Available from L.A. Police Gear, Incas an authorized Luminox Watch dealer as of June, 2008. Make sure to only buy your Luminox watch from an authorized dealer or no warranty work will be performed on your watch (if ever needed)

L.A. Police Gear is factory-authorized dealers for most of the brands you see on web site. L.A. Police Gear helps people get the gear they want and need. The web site name might make people think that L.A. Police Gear only sell to cops, but that is not the case at all. L.A. Police Gear enjoy selling to everyone! L.A. Police Gear will continue to keep the name L.A. Police Gear, Inc. because it is what most of customers know them by. Please take a look around L.A. Police Gear site and don't hesitate to contact L.A. Police Gear if you have any questions or needs.

Words to live by!:
"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy course; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat." THEODORE ROOSEVELT (Paris Sorbonne,1910)

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." ---George Orwell on a BBC broadcast, April 4, 1942

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life Lock has Great Ideas for Senior Citizens on Preventing Identity Theft

According to lifelock reviews by consumers, identity theft surpassed construction, credit card and debt collection fraud as the most prevalent form of consumer fraud, according to the Federal Trade Commission, which received 255,000 identity theft complaints last year.

Life lock discusses that many consumers associate identity theft with email solicitations and computer firewall breaches, but checks, credit cards and Social Security numbers remain targets as well.

If you have a lifelock promo code you are on your way to protect yourself from becoming a victim, and simply follow these tips to prevent identity theft.


● Use your initials and last name when ordering printed checks. A check forger won’t know how you sign your checks, but your bank will.

● Do not have your home phone number or Social Security number printed on your checks. Use your work phone number. Use a post office box or work address instead of your home address.

● Order new checks from your bank and pick them up at the bank, rather than having them sent to your home mailbox.

Credit cards

● When paying credit card bills, write only the last four digits of the account number in the check memo line.

● Do not sign the back of your credit card. Instead write, “Photo ID required.”

● Photocopy both sides of your driver’s license, credit cards and other important contents of your wallet. In the event it is stolen, you’ll know exactly what is missing.

● Keep a list of your credit card numbers and their toll-free customer service numbers so you can cancel cards quickly if lost or stolen. Keep the list in a safe place in your home, not in your wallet.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A robust email marketing system at half price

Email marketing systems have become a commodity and the choice in selecting an email service provider comes down to three things: features, price and service. This is why Gold Lasso positions itself as a value-based email service provider jam packing its system with high-level features such as dynamic content, time release campaigns, A/B split campaigns, Action Based Messaging, delivery monitoring, message rendering analysis, robust API and a host of other features priced 50% less than higher-level email service providers.

The marketing community is so used to the common rhetoric by a handful of email marketing software vendors that they forget to look at other solutions that provide better value. Most marketers fail to realize that the prices email service providers charge has fallen drastically over the past year and that they are offering new clients prices that are one third less then what their current clients paying.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

online casino review

With a listing of hundreds of the best online casinos casinoguide.ws is one of the best out there in the business, and with the reviews that are provided you can narrow down on the best ones from the many best reviewed game categories.

The players get to rate the ones they like, thereby creating a database which is player-friendly and there is also a listing of casinos accepting US players, Online Casinos Accepting US Players, Best US Online Casinos by Player Votes, Max bonus for US Online Casinos and Most Voted for US Online Casinos. The various other listings include: Best Online Casinos, Best Online Casinos by Player Votes, Casinos with best bonuses and Most Voted Online Casinos.

There is a Beginners guide to online casino gambling to get you all loaded before your big game. Relate to the tips, rules and strategies that are required about online gambling with the Online Gambling Tips page.

By clicking on banners on the reviews page you get signup bonuses too. The reviews are put together based on the factors such Game Experience, Trust Score and Bonuses.

Life Lock radio spot

If you ever listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard at least one Life Lock radio spot. Since 2005, they’ve featured endorsements from celebrities such as Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Howard Stern, Paul Harvey, and former Senator and presidential candidate, Fred Thompson.

One of the most memorable LifeLock radio spots has Todd Davis, LifeLock CEO, giving out his Social Security number. And, if you miss it over the radio, you can get it off the website, or off the side of their truck or bus. Davis has that much confidence in the LifeLock service.

Why are so many people willing to do the Life Lock radio spots? Because they understand the problem of identity theft, and they believe in the product LifeLock offers.

In the identity theft protection industry, there are three basic types of service. There’s credit monitoring, which will notify you after suspicious accounts have been opened in your name. There’s identity theft protection, service which includes fraud alerts and credit reports.

Then there’s LifeLock, the only company that provides comprehensive identity theft prevention, protection, and recovery. They even offer a service that cancels and replaces any official documents if your wallet is ever lost or stolen.

No other company goes that far to protect your credit, your identity and your peace of mind. This is based on the honest and real life experiences andlifelock reviews by consumers.

lifelock shows you if you are vulnerable

lifelock.com teaches you on their site that there may not be much you can do to prevent a hacker from infiltrating a retailer’s database, but you can lessen the chance of becoming a victim by doing business exclusively with legitimate online retailers. Many companies who conduct Internet only business go to great lengths to secure data, making them the safest bet for keeping your data out of the hands of hackers. Be sure it’s a reputable company before you buy. Don’t transmit sensitive information over computers at Internet cafes – hackers often load viruses onto these computers and can lift information off of them with relative ease.

Additionally at lifelock they explain in detail that hackers will often buy old, unwanted computers and troll their hard drives for sensitive information, so if you purchase a new computer, be sure to wipe all personal files off the old one before getting rid of it. The same goes for Blackberries, Palm Pilots, and PDA’s, which often hold both personal and business-related information.

To protect yourself from these threats please use lifelock promotion code and get 30 days free and $11 OFF annual membership - RD17

Saturday, May 31, 2008

More LifeLock Discounts

Have you had a good feeling when you do something that’s good for you, and then discover it has additional benefits. Like when you lose weight for health reasons, and then realize how much more energy you have, and how much better you feel about yourself.

It’s sort of like that when you get the LifeLock discount: When you enroll in LifeLock’s identity theft prevention program, you know you’re doing something good for yourself. LifeLock.com protects your good name, your credit, and your financial security. Plus, you get peace of mind from knowing that if your wallet ever goes missing, their WalletLock service means help will be close at hand. If you have a family, providing that protection and security is something you have to do for them, too.

Enroll now using the LifeLock discount, and you get all that protection and security, and you get to save money, too. With Promotion Code RD32, you get the very best price available to new LifeLock customers. But, just because you’re taking advantage of the LifeLock discount, doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. LifeLock gives you lots of options so you can be sure you’re getting the plan that works best for you.

You decide which plan and payment suits you best
You can read the lifelock reviews decide whether you want to pay by the month or by the year. With the discount, an annual plan costs as little as $99—that’s $21 less than the regular price. If you decide to pay by the month, you pay as little as $9—and over the course of a year, you still save $12. Whichever you choose, the LifeLock discount even gives you your first month of protection completely free.

If you have children, you should know that every year 400,000 kids are victims of identity theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission. But, LifeLock is one of the few companies that will provide identity theft protection, and with the LifeLock discount, you can get that protection for as little as $22.50 for a year, or $2.25 a month. With either plan your child receives a free month just like you.

Do it now
Why wait? Use a lifelock promo code and feel good about protecting yourself from identity theft–and enjoy the good feeling that comes from saving money, too!

FREE products from lifelock.com

LifeLock.com has introduced two new products, TrueAddress™ and eRecon,™ to help protect consumers from identity theft. Both new products are now available absolutely FREE on their site and at no extra charge to new and existing LifeLock members.

The lifelock TrueAddress™ product protects you from identity thieves who would change your address so your mail is delivered to a location where they can collect it. Once they have your mail, they have easy access to a treasure trove of information they can use to steal your identity. Another reason identity thieves change their victims’ address is to delay the discovery of the new accounts they’ve opened in their victims’ name. If you’re not getting the bills, how long would it take you to find out you’ve become a victim of identity theft?

The LifeLock.com TrueAddress™ product makes sure that never happens. Using internet technology, LifeLock’s new product searches the internet to see if one of the 45 million addresses changes submitted every year is for you. If it is, they notify you immediately.

eRecon™ works on the internet in the same way, monitoring for your email address, Social Security number, account numbers and driver’s license numbers—a digital reconnaissance of the worldwide web to make sure your personal information isn’t being bought, sold or traded by identity thieves.

Check out the lifelock promotion code to receive the best discount available and signup to get these FREE products

Even the identity of life lock CEO was stolen

You might have heard about the news that the identity of life lock CEO Davis was also stolen and how the LifeLock system worked to protect their CEO, when a Texas man used his Social Security number to obtain a $500 cash advance. (Even thought there was a fraud alert on Davis’ credit report telling creditors to verify the applicant’s identity, the payday loan employee neglected to do so.)

Davis is the first to say that no identity theft protection system can guarantee you’ll never be attacked by an identity thief. But in true lemons-to-lemonade style, Davis explains on lifelock review that what happened to him is a good example of how LifeLock work: the incident was covered by the LifeLock $1 million guarantee, and didn’t cost him a penny.

If you’ve never read the lifelock reviews by consumers, it’s time you learned more about how LifeLock can protect you from identity theft. If you’ve already been to the website, it’s worth going back to see their response to the nuisance lawsuits being filed against them.

And, whether or not you’ve already been to the site, if you’re an auto racing fan you should check out the new pages and videos. You can even vote for your all-time favorite racing hero, with the winner being announced on ABC September 28.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

life lock can protect you from the pirate suit scene

Do you read the movie reviews before you buy a movie ticket ? Do you buy a carfax review before you buy a car ? So you may be interested in reading the hundreds of Life Lock reviews by consumers on the internet if you’re thinking about subscribing to an identity theft prevention service. Maybe instead of reading somebody else’s Life Lock reviews, you’d like to look at the evidence yourself instead. For instance, Life Lock now has somewhere in the neighborhood of 700,000 customers. All 700,000 customers have already compared LifeLock to other services, and chosen LifeLock.

You have seen the commercial about a guy who is forced to work in fish food restaurant and wears a pirate suit all because some hacker stole his identity.
And if you dont want to be there in the same restuarant every evening serving chowder and iced tea and ending up selling fish to tourists in t-shirts, you definitely need to check out lifelock.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Informatica 8.5.1 Issues - Summary

176695: DataDirect Teradata 5.2 ODBC driver unavailable for the PowerCenter Client
An error occurs when you use the Teradata DataDirect 5.2 ODBC driver with the PowerCenter Client.
Workaround: Use the Teradata ODBC driver.

174593: Pmrepagent process for the Repository Service might leak memory when you use the Oracle 10.2.0.x client
The Repository Service process might leak memory when it runs on a 64-bit Linux machine, and you use Oracle 10.2.0.x client to connect to the repository.
PowerCenter Limitations

178363: The Integration Service shuts down unexpectedly on AIX 32-bit when you run a session that generates a Sorter cache larger than 2 GB
The Integration Service shuts down unexpectedly when you run a session that contains a Sorter transformation on AIX 32-bit and the size of the Sorter cache exceeds 2 GB.

177814: Session configured with resume recovery strategy fails in PowerCenter 8.5.1 because columns are missing from the recovery tables
After upgrading to PowerCenter 8.5.1, a session configured with the resume recovery strategy might fail because columns do not exist in the PM_RECOVERY and PM_REC_STATE tables.
The Integration Service attempts to dynamically add these columns the first time the session runs in 8.5.1.
The SQL statement to alter the tables might fail for the following reasons:
The user does not have the privileges to alter the tables.
The database returns an error before the Integration Service performs the ALTER statement and the session fails.
Workaround: Manually update each instance of the PM_RECOVERY and PM_REC_STATE tables. The scripts to alter the tables are in the following folder:
[PowerCenter Installation_dir]/server/bin/RecoverySQL
For more information see Informatica Knowledge Base article 22999.

177564: Sessions that contain a Java transformation fail on HP-UX 32-bit
When the Integration Service preloads the JVM library on HP-UX 32-bit, it cannot enable any service. Therefore, sessions that contain a Java transformation fail.
Workaround: Set the LD_PRELOAD environment variable for the Integration Service process to /java/jre/lib/PA_RISC2.0/server/libjvm.sl.

177338, 177337, 177336: Web service workflow that contains a web service target definition created in the Target Designer can generate errors during execution
In the Target Designer, you can create a web service target definition by selecting Targets > Web Service Provider > Create Web Service Definition. When you run a web service workflow that contains a web service target definition created this way, the workflow can fail.
Workaround: Do not create a web service target definition from a relational or flat file source or target in the Target Designer. To create a web service target definition from a relational or flat file source or target, create it at the same time you create the source definition. In the Source Analyzer, select Sources > Web Service Provider > Create Web Service Definition. On the Create Web Service Definition window, select the Create Target option. Make sure that the Create Source and Create Target options are selected.

176736: Import Mapping Template Wizard fails when you import a slowly changing dimension Type 2 effective date mapping or Type 3 mapping
When you import a slowly changing dimension Type 2 effective date mapping or Type 3 mapping and you used the Create Target option, the Import Mapping Template Wizard fails.
Workaround: If you are using an Oracle source or target, change the ports with Timestamp datatype to date datatype.

176735: Import Mapping Template Wizard fails when you import a slowly changing dimension Type 3 mapping
When you import a slowly changing dimension Type 3 mapping with or without duplicate row handling and you use the Create Target option, the Import Mapping Template Wizard fails.
Workaround: If you are using an Oracle source or target, change the ports with Timestamp datatype to date datatype.

176733: Session with slowly changing dimension Type 2 mapping with version number with or without duplicate row handling fails
Session with slowly changing dimension Type 2 mapping with version number with or without duplicate row handling fails when you use a Microsoft SQL Server source or target.

176730: Session fails unexpectedly while running a dynamic Lookup transformation with an unprojected associated port
A PowerCenter session running a dynamic Lookup transformation fails unexpectedly if a lookup port with an associated port is not projected to another transformation or target.

176439: Moving a Reporting Service from one domain to another results in the user accounts being deleted
If you move a Reporting Service from one domain to another and use the Data Analyzer repository information that you specify in the old domain, the synchronization process deletes all the user accounts that do not exist in the new domain. The Reporting Service does not update the Data Analyzer repository with the information contained in the new domain.
Workaround: Add the users that exist in the original domain to the new domain before you move the Reporting Service. You can also move the users to the LDAP directory service and import them to the new domain, or import the users from the native domain.

176204: UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoding of line feed and carriage return is incorrect for big endian or little endian flat file targets
UTF-16 and UTF-32 encoding of line feed and carriage return for big endian or little endian flat file targets is incorrect.

176143: Importing a flat file source or target that contains a Shift-JIS character and scrolling the preview pane causes the Designer to freeze
If you import a flat file source or target that contains a Shift-JIS character using the Designer Flat File Import Wizard and scroll the preview pane horizontally, the Designer freezes.

176088: Source definitions created from an XML file with Japanese encoding that are then exported from the repository cannot be imported back into the repository
For example, you import a source definition from an XML file that has Shift-JIS (SJIS) encoding. After the source definition is created, export the source to a PowerCenter export file. If you import the file back to the repository, the import process fails.

175920: Load Manager API version 8.5 is not compatible with previous versions of the Load Manager API
The Load Manager API version 8.5 to is not backward compatible with previous versions. Some functions found in previous versions of the Load Manager API may not work in version 8.5.

175739: DTM process generates a core file when you run multiple sessions concurrently
When you run multiple sessions concurrently, the DTM process generates a core file. This does not affect the session results. You can ignore the core file.

175238: Reporting Service gets enabled before all the users and groups in the domain configuration database are synchronized with the Data Analyzer repository
If there are many Data Analyzers users and groups in the domain configuration database, synchronization takes time. The Reporting Service gets enabled on the Administration Console before synchronization completes. If you access the Data Analyzer instance, you might get the following error message: No Privileges.
Workaround: Before accessing the Data Analyzer instance, check the activity log to verify that all users and groups in the Data Analyzer repository have been synchronized with the domain configuration database.

175072: Session with decompress function hangs when you use a Microsoft SQL Server source
Session hangs when the mapping contains a decompress function and reads from a Microsoft SQL Server source.

174889: When you back up a newly upgraded domain configuration database, the backup process fails
If you back up the domain configuration database immediately after you upgrade PowerCenter, the backup process fails.
Workaround: After you upgrade PowerCenter, perform a task that updates the domain configuration, such as creating an application service or adding a user account. After you save the changes to the domain configuration, back up the domain.

173704: Users without adequate permissions cannot create a Reporting Service
If users without adequate permissions to a domain create a Reporting Service in that domain, PowerCenter returns the following error message: “An unexpected error occurred. Contact Informatica Technical Support for assistance.”
Workaround: Verify that users creating the Reporting Service have access permissions to the domain.

171814: Integration Service does not properly recover data for some CDC real-time sessions that write to SQL Server targets
If you recover or warm start a CDC real-time session that writes data to a Microsoft SQL Server target, the Integration Service does not properly retrieve data from the recovery table under the following conditions:
++PowerCenter creates the PM_REC_STATE recovery table in a Microsoft SQL Server database
++The Integration Service connects to an ODBC data source specifying AnsiNPW=no.
Incorrect restart occurs for CDC real-time sessions that use this recovery table.
Workaround: Create the PM_REC_STATE table manually.

170496: You might not be able to connect to the repository during Repository Service
You might not be able to connect to the repository in the PowerCenter Client while the Repository Service is synchronizing repository users with LDAP security domain users.

136878: XSD definition contains incorrect code page
When you import an XSD definition with UTF-8 encoding into an ISO-8859-1 repository, and then save and edit it, the encoding changes to Latin 1.

136753: If you import a web service source or target from a WSDL with a large number of elements in hierarchical relationship import mode, the import process can fail
If you import a web service source or target from a WSDL in hierarchical relationship import mode and the Designer generates a large number of XML views in the source or target, the import process fails. The import process can succeed if you import the web service source or target in entity relationship mode.

135022: Links to a port in a target definition fail to import when column name is changed in the target definition
When you change a port name in a target definition and import the definition, mappings with the definition in the target repository do not include a link to the renamed port.
Workaround: Export and import the mapping that includes the target definition.

134614: Internet Explorer may shut down unexpectedly when you configure an LDAP security domain and then move the pointer over the Configure Security icon
Internet Explorer may shutdown unexpectedly when you configure an LDAP security domain and then move the pointer over the Configure Security icon.
Workaround: Apply the latest security updates for Internet Explorer 6.0 or use Firefox to access the Administration Console.

133615: Session fails unexpectedly while running a flat file Lookup transformation
A session fails unexpectedly while running several Lookup transformations. The Lookup transformation that fails is a flat file Lookup transformation that has more than one lookup condition.
The session fails with the following error:
** FATAL ERROR : Unexpected Condition in file [../server/cmnutils/svecmatrix.cpp] line [256]
Workaround: Enable case-sensitive string comparisons.

132253: Integration Service cannot read or write more than 8,000 characters in a text column when it uses an ODBC driver with a Microsoft SQL Server source or target
The Integration Service cannot read more than 8,000 characters from a text column or write more than 8,000 characters to a text column when it uses an ODBC driver to read from or write to Microsoft SQL Server. This problem occurs even if the precision of the source or target column is greater than 8,000.
Workaround: On Windows, use a native database driver instead of an ODBC driver.

131992: Designer shuts down with no errors when you try to use the XML Editor with a large XML schema
The Designer may shut down unexpectedly when you use the XML Editor to open a large XML schema in the Source Analyzer.
Workaround: Do not create XML views when importing the XML source file. Create the views manually in the XML Editor.

130903: Custom profile session fails with fatal error
The DTM process aborts unexpectedly when you run a custom profile session that contains a Custom transformation with 100 or more columns.

130856: Session sometimes fails with an out of virtual memory error when the Integration Service creates a new XML target for each commit
A session sometimes fails with an out of virtual memory error when an XML target is configured to create a new document on commit. When you create an XML document at each commit, the Integration Service allocates virtual memory for each XML root view row. As the Integration Service processes more XML root view rows, the virtual memory buffer requirements increase. The virtual memory allocated is reused across commit intervals. However, if the number of root view rows is large for a commit interval, the session fails and the following error displays:
ERROR: Failed to allocate memory (out of virtual memory). ***********
Workaround: Reduce the number of root view rows for each commit interval or change the mapping to increase the virtual memory available to the Integration Service.

127421: Advanced Purge does not work correctly for source, target, mapplet, and mapping objects
When you preview objects older than the latest version with Advanced Purge, the Designer does not return all of the objects. You cannot purge all of the versioned objects with Advanced Purge.
Workaround: Run a query to retrieve the deleted objects. Select View History. Purge the old object versions by choosing Tools > Purge Object Version.

108493: XML parser performance slows after upgrading to PowerCenter 8.5 on Solaris 32 bit
In PowerCenter 8.5, a session that parses an XML file runs up to 15% slower on Solaris 32bit than in previous versions.

106144: infacmd and infasetup commands hang on sun4v platform
infacmd and infasetup commands hang on machines running on sun4v platform.

105969: Session terminates unexpectedly when the Integration Service tries to set a code page
Session terminates with an unexpected condition when the Integration Service tries to set a code page for a Custom transformation.

104029: DTM process generates a core file when line sequential buffer length is greater than 27,750,000 bytes
When you set the line sequential buffer length great than 27,750,000 bytes, the DTM process generates a core file and the session terminates.

102638: Profile session logs do not appear in the Profile Manager when a persistent profile session fails
You cannot access session logs for failed persistent profile sessions through the Profile Manager.
Workaround: Use the Workflow Monitor to view the session logs.
Data Analyzer Limitations

176319: Data Analyzer displays groups and subgroups of parent or primary groups that are deleted from the User Management Console
Data Analyzer displays subgroups even after the parent or primary group has been deleted. Clicking the user icon associated with that group returns the following error:
Error details: java.lang.RuntimeException: com.informatica.pcsf.common.exception.PCSFConfigException: [UM_10010] The group [Level4-1] belonging to [Native] does not exist in the domain.”

175148: Upgrade does not work if you attempt to upgrade users and groups using the resolution ‘rename to’ with a supplied name that exists in the security domain
If a user or group name is resolved when upgrading users and groups with the resolution ‘rename to’ and the supplied name exists in the selected security domain, the upgrade does not occur.
Workaround: Provide a new name to resolve conflicts or choose to merge the users and groups.
Metadata Manager Limitations

178408: Relationships from packaged models to custom models are deleted during upgrade from 8.5 to 8.5.1
If you create a class-level relationship from a packaged class to a custom class on the Model page, the relationship is removed after upgrade.

178067: Metadata Manager Agent does not start when the installation directory path includes a space
If you install the Metadata Manager Agent and include a space in the installation directory path, the Metadata Manager Agent does not start.
Workaround: Comment out the following line in startup.bat in the \MetadataManagerAgent\tomcat\bin directory:
if not "%CATALINA_HOME%" == "" goto gotHome

175479: Permissions on child objects and default permissions on objects in the Metadata Manager catalog are removed during upgrade from 2.2 or 8.1.1 to 8.5.1
If you set permissions on metadata objects in the metadata catalog, the permissions inherited by the child objects are removed when you upgrade the repository. The default permissions set when you create objects are also removed. You must reset the permissions after you upgrade the repository.

174204: You cannot search for multiple tables when you configure an SAP resource on sapr347 and sapr346c machines
When you configure Application Components for SAP, you cannot search for multiple table names separated by commas.
Workaround: Search for single table names.

92040: Data lineage between IBM DB2 CubeViews and a relational database does not work
Data lineage between IBM DB2 CubeViews and a relational database does not work.

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Informatica 7 Evaluation Software Download and Install

I checked out statcounter on my blog to see what the Response was after a long time.While I can see that my blog hitcount is increasing slowly– the most frequently searched key word that led to my blog was “Informatica eval install”. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I will follow-up on Install Instruction for an Informatica eval install. So here it goes – finally
Download Informatica eval install software and license keys.
This was not an easy search for me but finally managed to find where the third party software is.Below are the part numbers you need to downloadLogon to edelivery.oracle.com

Download B27745-01 Part 1 of 4 Parts 1 through 4 – Siebel Business Applications. Extract the zip files and you should find the eval software for Informatica. Informatica eval license keys can be found in B27757-01 and B27756-01 documentation.
Once you have downloaded and extracted the zip files, go through setup.exe , make sure to install the Server Components and Client Tools

As discussed in my previous post , Informatica has 4 components to it : Client Tools; Repository Server; Informatica Server and Repository.

At the end of the Install you will have to configure the Repository Server and the Informatica Server.

Configure Repository Server Below:
The following Information needs to be provided:
Server Port Number : 5001 (default can be chosen)
Admin password : enter an Admin Password for the Repos Server
Minimum Port Number
The minimum port number the Repository Server can assign to the Repository Agent process. Default is 5002.
Maximum Port Number
The maximum port number the Repository Server can assign to the Repository Agent process. Default is 65535.
Configuration Directory
The name of the directory in which the Repository Server stores repository configuration information files. You can specify either a relative path or an absolute path. Default is Config.
Backup Directory
The name of the directory in which the Repository Server stores repository backup files. You can specify either a relative path or an absolute path. Default is Backup.
Plugin Directory
The name of the directory in which the Repository Server stores repository plugin files. You can specify either a relative path or an absolute path. Default is Plugin.
Severity Level
The level of error messages written to the Repository Server log. Specify one of the following:
Error. Writes ERROR code messages to the log.
Warning. Writes WARNING and ERROR code messages to the log.
Information. Writes INFO, WARNING, and ERROR code messages to the log.
Tracing. Writes TRACE, INFO, WARNING, and ERROR code messages to the log.
Debug. Writes DEBUG, TRACE, INFO, WARNING, and ERROR code messages to the log.
Output to Event Log
Enable this option if you want to write Repository Server messages to the Windows Event Log. This option is enabled by default.
Output to File
Enable this option if you want to write Repository Server log messages to a file. When you enable this option, enter a file name for the Repository Server log. This option is disabled by default. The default Repository Server log file name is pmrepserver.log. The Repository Server stores the Repository Server log file in the Repository Server installation directory.

Configure Informatica Server (PowereCenter Server) as a Service:
Information that needs to be provided is as below:
Server Tab:
Server Name: The name of the PowerCenter Server to register with the repository. This name must be unique to the repository. This name must also match the name you specify when you use the Workflow Manager to register the PowerCenter Server.
TCP/IP Host Address: The TCP/IP host address as an IP number (such as 123.456.789.1), or a local host name (such as RECDB), or a fully qualified name (such as RECDB.INVOICE.COM). If you leave this field blank, the PowerCenter Server uses the default local host address.
Max No. of Concurrent Sessions: The maximum number of sessions the PowerCenter Server runs at a time. Increase this value only if you have sufficient shared memory. Default is 10.
Shared Memory: The amount of shared memory available for use by the PowerCenter Server Load Manager process. For every 10 sessions in Max Sessions, you need at least 2,000,000 bytes reserved in Load Manager Shared Memory. Default is 2,000,000 bytes.
Error Severity Level for Log Files: The level of error messages written to the PowerCenter Server log. Specify one of the following message levels:
Error. Writes ERROR code messages to the log.
Warning. Writes WARNING and ERROR code messages to the log.
Information. Writes INFO, WARNING, and ERROR code messages to the log.
Tracing. Writes TRACE, INFO, WARNING, and ERROR code messages to the log. Debug. Writes DEBUG, TRACE, INFO, WARNING, and ERROR code messages to the log.
Fail Session if Maximum Number of Concurrent Sessions Reached: Enable this option if you want the PowerCenter Server to fail the session if the number of sessions already running is equal to the value configured for Maximum Number of Concurrent Sessions. If you disable this option, the PowerCenter Server places the session in a ready queue until a session slot becomes available. This option is disabled by default.
Allow mapping/session debugging: If selected, you can run the Debugger. This option is enabled by default.
Time Stamp Workflow Log: Enable this option if you want to append a time stamp to messages written to the workflow log. This option is disabled by default.
Output to Event Log: Enable this option if you want to write PowerCenter Server messages to the Windows Event Log. This option is enabled by default.
Output to File: Enable this option if you want to write PowerCenter Server log messages to a file. When you enable this option, enter a file name for the PowerCenter Server log.

Repository Tab:
Repository Name :
The name of the repository to connect to. You create a repository in the Repository Server Administration Console.
Repository User: The account used to access the repository. When you first create a repository, the Repository User is the database username. You create other Repository Users in the Repository Manager.
Repository Password : The password for the Repository User. When you first create a repository, the password is the password for the database user.
Repository Server Host Name: The name of the machine hosting the Repository Server.
Repository Server Port Number: The port number the Repository Server uses to communicate with repository client applications.
Repository Server Timeout: The maximum number of seconds that the PowerCenter Server tries to establish a connection to the Repository Server. If the PowerCenter Server is unable to connect to the Repository Server in the time specified, the PowerCenter Server shuts down. Default is 60 seconds.

Licenses Tab:
Enter the license Key’s and then click update

Compatibility and Database Tab:
PMServer 3.X aggregate compatibility: If selected, the PowerCenter Server handles Aggregator transformations as it did in PowerMart 3.x. This overrides both Aggregate treat nulls as zero and Aggregate treat rows as insert.
If you select this option, the PowerCenter Server treats nulls as zeros in aggregate calculations and performs aggregate calculations before flagging records for insert, update, delete, or reject in Update Strategy expressions. If you do not select this option, the PowerCenter Server treats nulls as nulls and performs aggregate calculations based on the Update Strategy transformation.
PMServer 6.X Joiner source order compatibility: If selected, the PowerCenter Server processes master and detail pipelines sequentially as it did in versions prior to 7.0. The PowerCenter Server processes all data from the master pipeline before starting to process the detail pipeline. Also, if you enable this option, you cannot specify the Transaction level transformation scope for Joiner transformations. If you do not select this option, the PowerCenter Server processes the master and detail pipelines concurrently.
Aggregate Treat Nulls as Zero: If selected, the PowerCenter Server treats nulls as zero in Aggregator transformations. If you do not select this option, the PowerCenter Server treats nulls as nulls in aggregate calculations.
Aggregate Treat Rows as Insert : If selected, the PowerCenter Server performs aggregate calculations before flagging records for insert, update, delete, or reject in Update Strategy expressions. If you do not select this option, the PowerCenter Server performs aggregate calculations based on the Update Strategy transformation.
PMServer 4.0 date handling compatibility: If selected, the PowerCenter Server handles dates as in PowerCenter 1.0/PowerMart 4.0. Date handling significantly improved in PowerCenter 1.5 and PowerMart 4.5. If you need to revert to PowerCenter 1.0 or PowerMart 4.0 behavior, you can configure the PowerCenter Server to handle dates as in PowerCenter 1.0 and PowerMart 4.0.
Treat CHAR as CHAR on Read: If you have PowerCenter Connect for PeopleSoft, you can use this option for PeopleSoft sources on Oracle. You cannot, however, use it for PeopleSoft lookup tables on Oracle or PeopleSoft sources on Microsoft SQL Server.
Max LKP/SP DB Connections: Allows you to specify a maximum number of connections to a lookup or stored procedure database when you start a workflow. If the number of connections needed exceeds this value, session threads must share connections. This can result in a performance loss. If you do not specify a value, the PowerCenter Server allows an unlimited number of connections to the lookup or stored procedure database.
If the PowerCenter Server allows an unlimited number of connections, but the database user does not have permission for the number of connections required by the session, the session fails. A default value is not specified.
Max Sybase Connections: Allows you to specify a maximum number of connections to a Sybase database when you start a session. If the number of connections required by the session is greater than this value, the session fails. Default is 100.
Max MSSQL Connections: Allows you to specify a maximum number of connections to a Microsoft SQL Server database when you start a workflow. If the number of connections required by the workflow is greater than this value, the workflow fails. Default is 100.
Number of Deadlock Retries: Allows you to specify the number of times the PowerCenter Server retries a target write on a database deadlock. Default is 10.
Deadlock Sleep Before Retry (seconds): Allows you to specify the number of seconds before the PowerCenter Server retries a target write on database deadlock. Default is 0 and the PowerCenter Server retries the target write immediately.

Configuration Tab
Data Movement Mode: Choose ASCII or Unicode. The default data movement mode is ASCII, which passes 7-bit ASCII character data. To pass 8-bit ASCII and multibyte character data from sources to targets, use Unicode mode.
Validate Data Code Pages: If you enable this option, the PowerCenter Server enforces data code page compatibility. If you disable this option, the PowerCenter Server lifts restrictions for source and target data code page selection, stored procedure and lookup database code page selection, and session sort order selection. This option is only available when the PowerCenter Server runs in Unicode data movement mode. By default, this option is enabled.
Output Session Log In UTF8: If you enable this option, the PowerCenter Server writes to the session log using the UTF-8 character set. If you disable this option, the PowerCenter Server writes to the session log using the PowerCenter Server code page. This option is available when the PowerCenter Server runs in Unicode data movement mode. By default, this option is disabled.
Warn About Duplicate XML Rows: If you enable this option, the PowerCenter Server writes duplicate row warnings and duplicate rows for XML targets to the session log. By default, this option is enabled.
Create Indicator Files for Target Flat File Output: If you enable this option, the PowerCenter Server creates indicator files when you run a session with a flat file target.
Output Metadata for Flat File Target: If you enable this option, the PowerCenter Server writes column headers to flat file targets. It writes the target definition port names to the flat file target in the first line, starting with the # symbol. By default, this option is disabled.
Treat Database Partitioning As Pass Through: If you enable this option, the PowerCenter Server uses pass-through partitioning for non-DB2 targets when the partition type is Database Partitioning. Enable this option if you specify Database Partitioning for a non-DB2 target. Otherwise, the PowerCenter Server fails the session.
Export Session Log Lib Name: If you want the PowerCenter Server to write session log messages to an external library, enter the name of the library file.
Treat Null In Comparison Operators As: Determines how the PowerCenter Server evaluates null values in comparison operations. Enable one of the following options:
a)Null. The PowerCenter Server evaluates null values as null in comparison expressions. If either operand is null, the result is null. This is the default behavior.
b)High. The PowerCenter Server evaluates null values as greater than non-null values in comparison expressions. If both operands are null, the PowerCenter Server evaluates them as equal. When you choose High, comparison expressions never result in null.
c)Low. The PowerCenter Server evaluates null values as less than non-null values in comparison expressions. If both operands are null, the PowerCenter Server treats them as equal. When you choose Low, comparison expressions never result in null.
WriterWaitTimeOut: In target-based commit mode, the amount of time in seconds the writer remains idle before it issues a commit when the following conditions are true:
a)The PowerCenter Server has written data to the target.
b)The PowerCenter Server has not issued a committed.
The PowerCenter Server may commit to the target before or after the configured commit interval. Default is 60 seconds. If you configure the timeout to be 0 or a negative number, the PowerCenter Server defaults to 60 seconds.
Microsoft Exchange Profile: Microsoft Exchange profile used by the Service Start Account to send post-session email. The Service Start Account must be set up as a Domain account to use this feature.
Date Display Format: If specified, the PowerCenter Server validates the date display format and uses it in session log and server log entries. If the date display format is invalid, the PowerCenter Server uses the default date display format. The default date display format is DY MON DD HH 24:MI:SS YYYY. When you specify a date display format, it displays in the test window. An invalid date display format is marked invalid.
Test Formatted Date: Read-only field that displays the current date using the format selected in the Date Display Format field.

JVM Options Tab:
You can configure JVM options if you run Java-based programs with PowerCenter Connect products, such as PowerCenter Connect for JMS or PowerCenter Connect for webMethods.

HTTP Proxy Tab:

Server Name: Name of the HTTP proxy server.
Server Port: Port number of the HTTP proxy server.
Username: Authenticated user name for the HTTP proxy server. This is required if the proxy server requires authentication.
Password: Password for the authenticated user. This is required if the proxy server requires authentication.
Domain: Domain for authentication.

Once you have completed configuring the Repository Server and Power Center Server – Login to the Repository Server Admin Console and create a new Repository

Once the Repository is created (to create the repository a repository schema needs to be created in the database server); the Repository owner information can be used to Login to Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor.