Saturday, May 31, 2008

Even the identity of life lock CEO was stolen

You might have heard about the news that the identity of life lock CEO Davis was also stolen and how the LifeLock system worked to protect their CEO, when a Texas man used his Social Security number to obtain a $500 cash advance. (Even thought there was a fraud alert on Davis’ credit report telling creditors to verify the applicant’s identity, the payday loan employee neglected to do so.)

Davis is the first to say that no identity theft protection system can guarantee you’ll never be attacked by an identity thief. But in true lemons-to-lemonade style, Davis explains on lifelock review that what happened to him is a good example of how LifeLock work: the incident was covered by the LifeLock $1 million guarantee, and didn’t cost him a penny.

If you’ve never read the lifelock reviews by consumers, it’s time you learned more about how LifeLock can protect you from identity theft. If you’ve already been to the website, it’s worth going back to see their response to the nuisance lawsuits being filed against them.

And, whether or not you’ve already been to the site, if you’re an auto racing fan you should check out the new pages and videos. You can even vote for your all-time favorite racing hero, with the winner being announced on ABC September 28.

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