Monday, September 15, 2008

FREE cell phones for ETL developers

Have you been frustrated in choosing the right cellular deals just because they keep on changing every day ? Or you are the reader who does not read the news because the news keep changing? Well that was just a joke. But I found the website after I researched for Blackberry phones online. I wished I had found this website earlier before signining a contract with my current cell phone company. Well my current contract is with Sprint phones and they have a 1 year contract which I was not comfortable to sign with. So the website that I searched showed me deals not only with sprint but also Verizon cell phones that did not have any contract and you can get a cell phone for free. That is really amazing. Can you believe a free phone with no contract? Well you have to regularly check for this site for these types of deals because they keep on changing every day and one fine day you miss the deal of your life time. I always keep an eye on at&t cell phones because my dream is to get a free iPhone with no contract and that I have been waiting for the past one year. Hopefully one day this site will offer me the best deal if we as ETL developers unite together and appeal to the company to come up with such a deal for us. In any event, I will keep a close eye and also I forgot to mention that they have TMobile phones, as my girlfriend has a tmobile that she regrets not buying from this site! So dont miss you chance of amazing phone deals of your lifetime.

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