Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life Lock radio spot

If you ever listen to the radio, you’ve probably heard at least one Life Lock radio spot. Since 2005, they’ve featured endorsements from celebrities such as Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Howard Stern, Paul Harvey, and former Senator and presidential candidate, Fred Thompson.

One of the most memorable LifeLock radio spots has Todd Davis, LifeLock CEO, giving out his Social Security number. And, if you miss it over the radio, you can get it off the website, or off the side of their truck or bus. Davis has that much confidence in the LifeLock service.

Why are so many people willing to do the Life Lock radio spots? Because they understand the problem of identity theft, and they believe in the product LifeLock offers.

In the identity theft protection industry, there are three basic types of service. There’s credit monitoring, which will notify you after suspicious accounts have been opened in your name. There’s identity theft protection, service which includes fraud alerts and credit reports.

Then there’s LifeLock, the only company that provides comprehensive identity theft prevention, protection, and recovery. They even offer a service that cancels and replaces any official documents if your wallet is ever lost or stolen.

No other company goes that far to protect your credit, your identity and your peace of mind. This is based on the honest and real life experiences andlifelock reviews by consumers.

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