Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blog for Bones FAN

If you are a Bones fan, then you gotta see the A&P Professor for tips, content updates, teaching tools, resource links, and conversations related to teaching and learning human anatomy and physiology. The author is as an anatomy & physiology professor for several decades and has tons of information on A&P. The blog was started an year ago and has evolved as a one stop shop for human anatomy and physiology since then. Since the author writes A&P textbooks, ancillaries, and reference works, this blog is kind of a wikipedia on this subject. Note that the auther is also a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) and a founder of HAPS Institute, a continuing education program for A&P professors. They have several blogs and websites related to teaching and learning.

Some of the highlighting features of this blog are:

** Easily plugs into your facebook friends adding more visibility in social space
** Detail review of new books and thesis
** FREE newsletter to keep you updated on a periodic basis
** Ability to link to podcasts and listen at your own leisure
** Connect your blog using Google friend connect
** Subscription feature on other popular RSS readers
** Purchase the relevant books within a few clicks right from their amazon store
** Blog available in multiple languages using the translation tool
** FREE videos on learning human anatomy and physiology

Besides this you will find several articles on The A&P Student, Electronic Professor
,A&P Student Library, HAPS Institute (short graduate courses) and links to industry specific associations like
1. The American Physiological Society
2. Human Anatomy and Physiology Society
3. American Association of Anatomists

Old ETL tools versus new ETL tools

After all, how could start-ups with a fraction of the resources of an IBM Corp., Oracle Corp., or SAP -- not to mention an Informatica Corp., Microsoft Corp., or SAS Institute Inc. -- hope to compete?

Something close to the opposite happened. Innovation might not exactly be thriving in the DI segment, but it's far from moribund. In the last year alone, upstart DI players such as Expressor Software Corp. and Talend arrived, touting two decidedly dissimilar -- but characteristically "next-gen" -- takes on DI. Their marketing pitches might differ dramatically, but both Expressor and Talend tout a flavor of "fresh" DI -- offerings they claim are faster, more flexible, and less "legacy" than established products.

According to Expressor officials, for example, the DI suites marketed by IBM, Informatica, and other heavyweights are powered by aging or "legacy" ETL technology that doesn't scale as well or which isn't as "smart" as Expressor's stuff.

"Sure, some of this stuff was created 15 years ago or 20 years ago -- but so was EAI. So was so much of the technology we use. Everything that's in the market now started a long time ago and evolved forward," he maintains. "It isn't a question of age. Just because something is built on older technology -- and we've done a lot of [modernization] work on our own with that product [InfoSphere Information Server] -- doesn't mean it's inefficient."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Outdoor shopping for ETL

This holiday season shop for Luminox offers on Sierra Adventure Gears. You can get the Bourne Ultimatum style Luminox with following specs at a very special price. Usually the outdoor gear comes with a lot of shipping charges but thanks to the holiday specials, they are now offering FREE shipping for all orders above $75.

Here is the spec that I liked about Luminox.
Size: 43mm
Case: Fiberglass
Bezel: Aluminum
Dial: Black w/Date
Band: Nylon/Velcro Strap
Movement: Swiss
Submersible: 200M
Illumination: Tritium
Special Features: Mineral Crystal

So get out there for safe adventuring as you know that having the correct gear could mean the difference between having an unforgettable outdoor adventure or experiencing a life-threatening event. With so many years of collective travel experience, the team is fully dedicated and prepared to assist you.

Whether camping in the highest elevations of the Sierras or backpacking through some of the greatest national parks, it is this passion and experience Sierra Adventure Team dedicates to sharing with you that you can get all you outdoor needs here at the one stop shop. Remember that Sierra Adventure Gear carries a large variety of brand names in outdoor gear such as Luminox and Dakota Watches, Maglite, Brunton, SOG, Gerber, Leatherman and Buck Knives at the lowest prices ever,

Informatica with NEC InfoFrame Solution Suite

NEC will offer Informatica’s PowerCenter as part of its NEC InfoFrame information management solution suite. Informatica has also been certified as an NEC alliances partner. Under the terms of the distribution agreement, PowerCenter will be marketed to NEC customers in Japan under the NEC brand and will be supported by an Informatica-dedicated NEC engineering team.

The NEC Alliances Program is comprised of a handful of the leading vendors in the industry. The NEC-Informatica partnership will allow NEC customers to leverage PowerCenter in concert with other components of the InfoFrame Data Coordinator Solution suite, including InfoFrame Documentum and InfoFrame DataBooster both aimed at large-scale data integration projects.

Informatica PowerCenter offers near-universal data integration capabilities and is the only data integration component of the InfoFrame solution suite.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ETL based credit card processing service

What is ETL based credit card processing? Any credit card processing that leverages ETL platform can be categorized in this broad term of Free Payment Gateway. Now merchantacceptance offers $0 license fee and also $0 application and set up along with $0 programming free virtual terminal and direct deposit and online reporting services. This is where the ETL comes into picture. The accurate sales tracking is based on the strong ETL and datawarehouse platform it is based on. Customers can get free online shopping cart and also good news for AdWords customer who get free Google Adwords credit with free search engine submission to boost your sales through SEO. Most importantly they have been the pioneers in providing free customer service support with free payment gateway and free business software.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Whether to go for EAI or ETL

Factors for consideration in the decision include:
1. Costs of run-time processing and development.
2. Proprietary nature of source or target systems. A situation where the source system can only be accessed via screen scrapping because the file layouts and key structures are part of package and source is not available. In such cases neither ETL nor EAI will work and a solution might have to be developed on case to case basis.
3. The state of data and load-time window available to migrate data from source to target and vice versa which needs real-time movement of data.
4. Complexity and mapping of source and target systems by data elements and data quality in each system.
5. Skills of staff relative to EAI and ETL tools.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Delivering Asian Chat to your ETL blog

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