Friday, September 12, 2008

ETL Performance world record with SQL Server 2008

Here is a world record that must go into guiness book of world records for ETL tools that was demostrated by the Microsoft Team at Seattle. SQL Server 2008 can now handle more than one terabyte of data parsed from flat files, transferred over the network and loaded into the destination database in less than 30 minutes, a world record beating all previously published results using an ETL tool. That is a rate in excess of 2 TB per hour (650+ MB/second). To be precise, 1.18TB of flat file data can be loaded in 1794 seconds. This is equivalent to 1.00TB in 25 minutes 20 seconds or 2.36TB per hour. Multiple competitors have published results based on TPC-H data. Informatica has the fastest time previously reported, loading 1 TB in over 45 minutes. SSIS has now beaten that time by more than 15 minutes.

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