Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enlightenment for tactical professionals

Surefire x300 is the sure way to lit the fire.. I mean light the LED using a WeaponLight that just about does it all. The best tactical flash with an extremely bright LED—over five times brighter than a typical two-D-cell flashlight. This has has enough power to reach into the night or temporarily blind an aggressor giving a touch combat. Yet its beam offers enough peripheral vision that you’re not suddenly surprised by what it may uncover—an unfortunate cause of too many accidental shootings. Now it comes with a limited time special offer - Each X300 light will come with a mail-in coupon to 5.11 tactical for a FREE 5.11 Loose Crew shirt with a nice colored pictured graphics on it. Its a cool way to get free batteries and free shipping along with this great free shirt offer.

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