Sunday, March 9, 2008

How Oracle and Informatica support MDM

Karen Hsu and Shekhar Kale discuss how Informatica and Oracle provide unique master data management solutions.

These solutions promote collaboration between business and IT and together provide market leading MDM analytics for compliance and operational efficiency.

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Wipro To Power New Global Data Migration Service Offering Using Informatica

Informatica Data Migration Suite forms foundation of world’s first shared services offering for driving data migration success. Wipro will power its Data Migration Services using Informatica’s platform for providing data migration services to its customers worldwide. The solution will underpin Wipro’s Data Migration Shared Services offering, a “factory” approach to data migration combining Informatica software for data access, quality and conversion with Wipro’s “wRapid Data Migrate” solution and off-shore services. This will aid in accelerated migrations with reduced implementation risks and costs, ensuring effectiveness.

Wipro is the world's leading provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform. Wipro's Data Migration Shared Services offering will leverage the software that comprises the Informatica Data Migration Suite to automate and streamline the bulk of the migration process. This includes creating all data mappings required to migrate data from and to any system, discovering data quality issues at their source, and cleansing and converting the data as part of the overall migration. The primary targets for the offering will be data migrations in support of new applications including ERP/CRM implementations and upgrades, legacy system modernization, application instance consolidation, mergers and acquisitions, and outsourcing.

"Wipro is the first to market with a global shared services approach to data migration, supported by Informatica software with its rapid development, extensive reusability, and superior data access, quality and conversion functionality," said Vivek Bhasin, Vice President eBusiness & Business Intelligence of Wipro Technologies. "The Data Migration Shared Services offering brings value to both large and small migration projects, cutting costs, speeding processes and leveraging best practices. It is especially effective for customers implementing migrations across multiple business units and geographies."

"Wipro possesses an extensive record of data migration success, with more than 1,200 professionals trained in the use of Informatica worldwide," said Harry Gould, senior vice president, Worldwide Alliances, Informatica. "There is an enormous demand for the expertise, economies and excellence of execution encapsulated in Wipro's Data Migration Shared Services offering, and we look forward to collaborating with Wipro to address its pipeline of opportunities across, finance, energy, utilities, retail, manufacturing and other key verticals."

Under the terms of the agreement, Wipro will license the Informatica software on a per-usage basis; with the option to resell the Informatica software to its customers should a perpetual license be required.

ICICI Bank standardizes on Informatica

PowerCenter enables competitive advantage through fast accurate access to trusted information.

Informatica Corporation, the leading independent provider of data integration software has announced that India's second-largest bank, ICICI Bank has fully implemented a Informatica PowerCenter solution that will help ICICI bank to gain access to information accurately and quickly.

PowerCenter's scalability, automation, and flexible delivery capabilities have enabled ICICI Bank to meet the business demands for up-to-date, accurate information in their data warehouse.

A team of Informatica professional services consultants and ICICI Bank software developers designed, tested, and deployed PowerCenter to extract source data from disparate systems, including ATM and Internet transactions, loans, and bonds.

"With our previous manual scripting technique, it used to take a long time to make any changes in the extracts or the fields that needed to be added," said Gurnam Saini, Assistant General Manager, ICICI Bank. "PowerCenter has given us the capability to make changes swiftly and improve our flexibility to respond to new data demands from business or IT as they arise. We have benefited from greater data immediacy for business users and more reliable information, which results in quicker analysis and timely reporting."

PowerCenter's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, native connectivity to a wide range of data sources, and standards-based architecture have helped ICICI Bank's internal IT personnel rapidly develop expertise in Informatica-based data integration.

"Banks and insurance companies are among Informatica's largest customers in India and worldwide, as the dependency on information is critical in the financial sector," said Chris Boorman, senior vice president and CMO, Informatica. "For a unified view of transactions and customers, all relevant data has to be reliably combined and made available at a central place – independent of the originating IT systems, whether mainframe computers, web servers or workstations. We are always pleased when our customers are able to realize the benefits that Informatica offers in terms of comprehensive data integration."