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lifelock reviews by consumers

Although anyone is potentially vulnerable to identity theft (particularly theft of credit card-related information), lifelock reviews by consumers shows that individuals are more likely to be victimized by persons who have access to their identifying information, such as family members and persons with whom they share living quarters.

Identity theft generally involves three stages: acquisition, use, and discovery. Evidence suggests that the longer it takes to discover the theft, the greater the loss incurred and the smaller the likelihood of successful prosecution. Older persons and those with less education are less likely to discover the identity theft quickly and to report it after discovery.

Now life lock guards the access to personal information about you as potential victims and the anonymity the internet offers would-be thieves that are major facilitators of identity theft.

If you have done research on lifelock promo codes all you get is a peaceful state of mind and a worry free guarantee to prevent identity theft crimes. They address the three main areas of vulnerability to identity theft.

Lifelock reviews show that practices and operating environments of document-issuing agencies that allow offenders to exploit opportunities to obtain identity documents. Practices and operating environments of document-authenticating agencies that allow offenders access to identity data, subsequently used for financial gain, avoiding arrest, or remaining anonymous.

Lifelock guards the structure and operations of the information systems involved with the operational procedures of agents. Harm from identity theft crimes involves individuals and businesses. The extent of harm done to the victims and to society at large would have been unknown, if there were no lifelock in existence.

Lost or stolen, then goto

Having your information lost or stolen can be a frightening experience, because you may worry about how the information may be misused if it falls into the wrong hands. You might be in this situation if, for example, your wallet was stolen; you responded to a phishing email; or you were notified that a company experienced a data breach and lost some of your data. Fortunately, if your data may have been accessed without authorization, there are steps you can take to detect misuse that has already occurred and to help prevent potential future misuse.

If you are in this situation and want to learn more about how to detect misuse of your information, signup for In addition, consider placing a fraud alert on your credit reports. Also, consider filing a complaint with the FTC.

If a company informs you that it experienced a breach and that some of your personal information has been compromised, the company may offer free credit monitoring. You should consider accepting this offer, as credit monitoring from Life Lock can help you quickly detect any misuse of your information. For more information about credit monitoring services, click here.

Many states have laws that govern how businesses should respond to data breaches, and what notice or assistance they are required to provide to affected consumers. For links to your state’s laws, read more about LifeLock reviews on their website and take the steps tp prevent identity theft. As some wise man has already said it before - Prevention is always better than cure.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What are Bad Credit Credit Cards?

Credit cards have often served a purpose in our society today of buying now, but paying later. The result of this is bad credit for many people. In a society where we buy now and pay later we are often finding that we still can’t pay later. With the credit scores declining many credit card companies have begun to offer bad credit credit cards. Bad credit credit cards allow a person with poor to bad credit to obtain a credit card. There are a few reasons for this lucrative business to be put in play. First the banks and credit card companies are still going to be able to make money off of the individuals who have bad credit, but if you know how to play the game then you can actually use the bad credit credit cards to your advantage. Bad credit credit cards enable a person to rent a car, book a hotel, or purchase plane tickets. Most companies will not take cheques any more and if you use your debit card they will hold twice the amount for the rental or hotel until a few days after you’ve checked out. This article is designed to help you find the bad credit credit cards to help you.

When you are considering a bad credit credit card you need to look at a few aspects of the cards available. When you have bad credit one thing you want to do is use the credit card to increase your credit score. A bad credit credit card can help you do this. First the bad credit credit card will allow you to re-establish a consistent payment. As long as you pay the credit card’s minimum payment on time you will be increasing your credit score over time. You will also want to use the bad credit credit card only once a month. For an example, if you use the credit card for a $2.00 purchase, then go home and immediately pay off the balance you are increasing your credit score. You are also finding that if you pay the bad credit credit card off right away you are never paying interest. Often individuals are hesitant to get a bad credit credit card because of the high interest, but if you know the system and only purchase what you can afford to pay bad credit loans before the statement arrives you will never have to pay that interest, as long as you pay the amount in full. Instead you are allowing the credit card to work for you.

Final word on value of Life Lock

Like an alarm system, the value of Life Lock is in the things that won’t happen. The credit rating that won’t drop hundreds of points. The debt collectors that won’t call. The mortgage rate that won’t be six points above prime. The job you aren’t denied.

There are ways you could prevent a burglary without paying for a home alarm system. You could put bars on the windows and doors. You could booby trap the entrances. Most people prefer to pay someone else to provide their protection.

When it comes to identity theft, have the same options. If you think you’ve been or might become a victim of identity theft, you can ask the credit-reporting companies to place fraud alerts on your credit records; but don’t forget to do it again every 90 days. You can order your own credit report; but mark the date on the calendar so you know when to do it again next year. You can ask that the Direct Marketing Association remove your name from the lists used for pre-approved credit card offers and telemarketing calls; don’t forget to add the renewal date reminders to your computer.

That’s the value of Life Lock. Sometimes it makes sense to pay someone else for your security and peace of mind, so you can sleep at night without imagining all the things that could go wrong. Go to the website to read any additional lifelock review you want, or get the lifelock promotion code directly.

A review of LifeLock’s services tells the story

Fraud Alerts—LifeLock will see that fraud alerts on placed on your information with the credit-reporting companies. When a prospective creditor is informed that there’s a fraud alert on your file, they’re required to contact you to confirm the identity of the person asking for credit in your name. When you get that call, you can verify that you are the applicant, or you instruct the creditor to go no further, effectively thwarting the identity thief. Fraud alerts are valid for 90 days, so every 90 days, LifeLock will automatically renew the fraud alerts for you.

No more junk mail—One of the identity thief’s most common methods of obtaining their victims’ personal information, is by stealing mail from mailboxes; those pre-approved credit offers are the stuff of dreams for an identity thief. LifeLock will have your name removed from the Direct Marketing Association’s list to reduce or eliminate opportunities for identity thieves.

No more phone solicitors—Tele-marketers use the same list, so you’ll be able to enjoy dinner in peace again. Identity thieves often pose as phone solicitors in order to pump you for the personal information they need. LifeLock puts an end to it.

Credit reports—Shortly after you enroll with, you’ll receive copies of your credit reports from all the major credit-reporting companies. Check them over closely for any errors or signs of fraud. You’ll continue to receive these reports annually for as long as you’re a LifeLock customer and so I do appreciate lifelock reviews by consumers.

WalletLock—This service is available only from life lock. If your wallet is ever lost or stolen, LifeLock will jump into action right away. They’ll help you replace all the documents you were carrying, including your driver’s license and Social Security cards, your insurance cards, your checkbook, your traveler’s checks, your passport and visas. Of course, they’ll also take care of canceling and replacing your debit and credit cards.

Hope this lifelock review will help you decide amongst the best identity theft solutions.

Prevent Identity theft in corporations

Thieves sometimes take jobs as temporary workers to get into a company so they can nab employee data.
Others work for third-party vendors that do business with a company, such as handling corporate credit accounts or providing janitorial staff.
Sometimes, the information is stolen by a colleague from a co-worker's purse.
And in some cases, companies use ID badges that are actually employees' Social Security numbers — meaning anyone seeing the badge has what is needed to carry out an ID crime.

When a theft happens, companies' reactions vary. Some don't know a crime has taken place until employees start getting calls and credit bills. Others wait to alert employees, a stance that angers victims' rights advocates who are pressing for legislation requiring companies to inform workers when data has been taken.

Now you can prevent theft with award winning identity theft solution in the industry - lifelock.

They have secured many corporations and offer corporate discounts if you approach a representative. They do have several promotional offers of their product on the website. For a list of lifelock promo code, please visit their website.

If you are not convinced then you can also go through the lifelock reviews and see for yourself how they have protected the identities of several thousands of customers who have been using this product for a while.

How ETL can prevent Identity Theft

Confidential employment records might not be as secure as many employees assume they are. Job applications, personnel records and other employment data that should be safely filed in company offices or computers are instead being taken by thieves who use the information to steal workers' identities.

It's a maddening crime that's becoming more common. Information from personnel records is being used to rent apartments, carry out crimes, establish credit card accounts and buy cars. Some victims have been forced to legally change their names; others have spent years trying to untangle the credit damage.

Using ETL you can secure your personal records and lifelock will guarantee your identity up to one million dollars.

LifeLock is the industry's leading identity theft solution. To receive the best discount available use lifelock promotion code RD32. It is ideal for any employer using ETL to move data from various systems. will ensure your employees and customers' identity is protected in all ETL operations.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Education and Training Requirements for X-ray Technician job

Programs in Radiologic Technology may last from 1 to 4 years. Most 1 year programs are accelerated certifications for Registered Nurses or other medical professional who wish to change careers. The most common career path is to attend a 2-year program in order to earn an Associates Degree, awarded by either university or career-oriented college. An Associates Degree is sufficient for securing a position as an x-ray technician, while a Bachelors Degree in the field may open doors to administrative or supervisory work. Most programs are accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiographic Technology, and licensing is required in 38 states at the present time.

Salary Range
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the middle 50% of Radiographic Technicians and x-ray technician was $32,000 to $46,500 in 2002. The median annual earnings were $40,000, and the top 10% made more than $55,400.

Job Outlook
The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of x-ray technician will “grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012.” They also note that employers have been reporting difficulty in filling their openings for Radiologic Technicians, which indicates that opportunities for securing a position in the field are highly favorable.