Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Loan for ETL sales

Do you run an ETL factory and need some cash inflow ? The best alternative of a business cash advance is a business loan. Essentially it's a loan against your future credit card sales. the strategy of future credit card sales is also known as merchant cash advance. If a company accepts credit cards, they give them money, and take a little out of each of their following credit card transaction for the next several months till it's paid up just like you are receiving cash in exchange for the purchase of a small portion of your future Visa- and MasterCard- receipts. There is no credit check, and the funds are available within 72 hours. This is really great for businesses that can't get a traditional loan. Also there is No credit check and they offer a secure online application. If you are a new startup for ETL factory like me, then you should seriously consider this option given that you dont get an easy venture capital funding for ETL projects. The last time I did this I was able to get this as tax deductible for my budgeting purpose. Now businesses can get a loan from $5000 up to $1 million dollars. These guys are so confident they have the most aggressive program in the marketplace that they will even pay you upto $250.00 to match any competitive offer. Be rest assured with their full disclosure of all fees and terms and that is usually a peacemaker while making a business decision for a Business Cash Advance. Since no financials are required their approval rate is at a high 95%. I also like the fact that this does not show as a debt on my credit report and is real easier on my daily cash flow. Also on their website you will find enough material on some recent business cash advances that they have funded, and what you need to qualify for a business cash advance. I also was amazed to read the testimonials from other fellow customers and how they like the services and the cash advance programs as advertised.

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