Saturday, April 19, 2008

A review of LifeLock’s services tells the story

Fraud Alerts—LifeLock will see that fraud alerts on placed on your information with the credit-reporting companies. When a prospective creditor is informed that there’s a fraud alert on your file, they’re required to contact you to confirm the identity of the person asking for credit in your name. When you get that call, you can verify that you are the applicant, or you instruct the creditor to go no further, effectively thwarting the identity thief. Fraud alerts are valid for 90 days, so every 90 days, LifeLock will automatically renew the fraud alerts for you.

No more junk mail—One of the identity thief’s most common methods of obtaining their victims’ personal information, is by stealing mail from mailboxes; those pre-approved credit offers are the stuff of dreams for an identity thief. LifeLock will have your name removed from the Direct Marketing Association’s list to reduce or eliminate opportunities for identity thieves.

No more phone solicitors—Tele-marketers use the same list, so you’ll be able to enjoy dinner in peace again. Identity thieves often pose as phone solicitors in order to pump you for the personal information they need. LifeLock puts an end to it.

Credit reports—Shortly after you enroll with, you’ll receive copies of your credit reports from all the major credit-reporting companies. Check them over closely for any errors or signs of fraud. You’ll continue to receive these reports annually for as long as you’re a LifeLock customer and so I do appreciate lifelock reviews by consumers.

WalletLock—This service is available only from life lock. If your wallet is ever lost or stolen, LifeLock will jump into action right away. They’ll help you replace all the documents you were carrying, including your driver’s license and Social Security cards, your insurance cards, your checkbook, your traveler’s checks, your passport and visas. Of course, they’ll also take care of canceling and replacing your debit and credit cards.

Hope this lifelock review will help you decide amongst the best identity theft solutions.

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