Saturday, April 19, 2008

Final word on value of Life Lock

Like an alarm system, the value of Life Lock is in the things that won’t happen. The credit rating that won’t drop hundreds of points. The debt collectors that won’t call. The mortgage rate that won’t be six points above prime. The job you aren’t denied.

There are ways you could prevent a burglary without paying for a home alarm system. You could put bars on the windows and doors. You could booby trap the entrances. Most people prefer to pay someone else to provide their protection.

When it comes to identity theft, have the same options. If you think you’ve been or might become a victim of identity theft, you can ask the credit-reporting companies to place fraud alerts on your credit records; but don’t forget to do it again every 90 days. You can order your own credit report; but mark the date on the calendar so you know when to do it again next year. You can ask that the Direct Marketing Association remove your name from the lists used for pre-approved credit card offers and telemarketing calls; don’t forget to add the renewal date reminders to your computer.

That’s the value of Life Lock. Sometimes it makes sense to pay someone else for your security and peace of mind, so you can sleep at night without imagining all the things that could go wrong. Go to the website to read any additional lifelock review you want, or get the lifelock promotion code directly.

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