Saturday, April 19, 2008

How ETL can prevent Identity Theft

Confidential employment records might not be as secure as many employees assume they are. Job applications, personnel records and other employment data that should be safely filed in company offices or computers are instead being taken by thieves who use the information to steal workers' identities.

It's a maddening crime that's becoming more common. Information from personnel records is being used to rent apartments, carry out crimes, establish credit card accounts and buy cars. Some victims have been forced to legally change their names; others have spent years trying to untangle the credit damage.

Using ETL you can secure your personal records and lifelock will guarantee your identity up to one million dollars.

LifeLock is the industry's leading identity theft solution. To receive the best discount available use lifelock promotion code RD32. It is ideal for any employer using ETL to move data from various systems. will ensure your employees and customers' identity is protected in all ETL operations.

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