Sunday, May 11, 2008

LifeLock now offers protection for kids

Life Lock now offers protection for kids under the age of 16 for only $25 per year, as long as at least one adult in the home is an annual member. Life Lock is the first company in the country that makes sure that kids are protected from Identity thieves.

According to lifelock reviews by consumers, the identities of children are now being stolen by thousands. They are easy targets because no one ever monitors them. These kids aren't finding out until they graduate from high school and apply for their first job or a student loan. By then, thieves have often been using their Identities for years and the kid's good name is ruined before he or she even has a chance to start.

This service comes with $1 million guarantee. The process is tailored to be most effective for the special requirements needed to protect your child's Identity.

If you signup using lifelock promo code, you get credit reports checks every 6 months to ensure that there is no activity.

If a credit report does exist, they place fraud alerts on credit reports, stating that this is a minor child and that no activity should occur.

LifeLock checks for work history and any misuse of the Social Security number and repeat this process regularly to ensure that all is well.

Starting out is hard enough. Starting out with a stolen Identity makes it ten times harder. We think that's worth $25 a year. Do you?

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