Saturday, November 17, 2007

Forward Rejected Rows in Update Strategy

Refer to the diagram below. The Update Strategy transformation contains an expression that may tag each row as insert, delete or reject. It is desired to count ALL rows that pass through the Aggregator, regardless of how they are tagged. Assume that the other parts of the mapping are finished and that the Update Strategy transformation property Forward Rejected Rows is set to True. Select the statement that is true.

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The mapping will work as desired without any further changes.
The mapping will work as desired only if the Aggregator transformation is moved to be upstream of the Update Strategy transformation.
The mapping will work as desired only if it is redesigned to use a Router transformation in place of the Update Strategy transformation, and the row operation for each row (insert, delete, or reject) is set by an individual Update Strategy transformation for each flow, and then counted by an individual Aggregator transformation for each flow.
The mapping will work as desired only if the Update Strategy transformation tags each row only as insert or delete (no rows tagged as reject). Any rows that are not desired in the target table can then be removed from the flow by adding a Filter transformation DOWNSTREAM of the Aggregator transformation, and setting the Filter condition to be logically equivalent to the condition that was used in the Update Strategy transformation to tag the rows as reject.

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