Saturday, November 17, 2007

Active transformations

Why is the sorter transformation considered an active transformation?

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When the Case Sensitive property is set to true (checked), rows that do not meet the case criteria in the sort may be discarded.
When more than one sort key is selected, nested sorts may result in a single input row being outputted more than one time within multiple sort sequences.
When the Distinct Output Rows property is set to true (checked), duplicate rows are discarded.
When the sort direction properties are not the same for all sort keys (not all ascending or all descending), a single input row may be outputted more than one time.


Sandeep Kumar said...

The answer is option C. As sorter transformation has a property to select distinct tows and when this option is enabled it will remove the duplicate rows and hence the number of rows coming out of sorter will change. That's the reason sorter is an active transformation.

Sandeep Kumar said...

The nswer is option C.